Dorohedoro: Ma no Omake

DVD Special (6 eps x 5 min)
3.727 out of 5 from 264 votes
Rank #2,672
Dorohedoro: Ma no Omake

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I was hyped to see Netflix post a Dorohedoro OVA, but it was just these DVD extras, which just ended up making me want a second season so much more. Story - 7/10 These are just six little three to four minute clips that add a little backstory to some of our characters in the series. Stories range from how Nikaido came about owning her restaurant, the process in which sorcerers obtain their masks, and En’s once a decade dance. Animation - 6/10 The art is much cruder than the show itself, as it’s made to resemble colored pencil drawings or art you’d see in the mange. Obviously it’s not up to par with the series, but it still looks pretty good considering these are just little extras. Sound - 5/10 Since Netflix released the series in the U.S. they went ahead and dubbed everything with the same cast who worked the series, which means the V.O. work was all great. The music though was still on the awful side, with only one real track played, and it’s unlistenable.  Characters - 9/10 You really can’t add much to characters in such a short amount of time, but they did add some little tidbits that fans of the series will enjoy. Getting to see Ebisu putz around some more is also always enjoyable.  Overall - 7/10 As extras go, these went above and beyond what we normally get. Like all extras they really can’t match up to the show itself, but each of these six stories did add a little something to our characters and contained the great humor we saw in the series.

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