Dorei-ku: The Animation

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Descend into the dark world of SCM, where you are labeled either a master or servant based on your ability to win a game. What type of depravity will people reach to become the ultimate master?

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This is a show that at first seems like it shouldn't be a show based on the factors that its based off a manga. That and the fact that I got this on one of my anime forums as my lottery pick so yay for that. Spoilers may be in this review so be warned on that front. STORY: 3 Oh, how I can say this is in a nice way. It's like a basketball hoop with it being too many holes and confusing to understand where is everyone is and doing at that particular episode. The plot that it's trying to sell seems "interesting" and you do see a variety of games that are played throughout the 12 episode run so I will commend them for that. But a big negative is that it seems to be the only positive in a badly written show. This is for two reasons, the first one being the fact that it has kept changing who we are following in a certain scene. The jumps between these scenes are something that I can only cringe at. The second reason is their "plot twists" which can be easily seen from a mile away with the second half being all about seeing dominance over everyone that has an SCM and some stupid characters which easily fall into putting it on. Like how can you fall for that trap that is so easy to not fall in. ANIMATION: 4 I don't have much to say as I am not really one for animation purposes. But the animation in this show is something that you don't really want to put your time in. Basically what I am saying here is the fact that the animation is nothing special at all compared to other shows that are in this season of shows. SOUND: 3 I am a person who doesn't mind watching the full OP/ED as I know what is coming up. But compared to some of the other shows in this season, the OP song just felt flat compared to some of the others. The ED was a little bit better but was the same thing as I didn't really feel like it was a good way to end that episode. Maybe that could have been because I was relieved that the episode was over or something completely different like almost falling asleep. CHARACTER: 4 Before you go and attempt to try and murder me let me explain on this area. Doing a quick little search on the sites shows that there are 20 characters in the show. Now for some shows, this works in their favor but for others, it doesn't. This is one of those shows which is of the former with the fact that there is really no characters which I could fill in the shoes. In fact, if you wanted to me to name my favorite character of the show I couldn't give one. This also didn't help the fact that they thought that introducing a character in almost every episode (barring the last one) which just add to the character pool that I need to keep track. By the time, the second half of the show started, I gave up on keeping track of characters and where they were and what they were doing. With a limited period, these characters don't get screen time to fully introduce themselves before falling victim to the SCM or being annoying as a cat on your lap. ENJOYMENT: 4 Overall my experiences for this show was something that I want to forget very easy as I said earlier in this review, the show as a whole is something that could easily be forgettable and not many (if any) will be talking about this show in a years time or even six months time. That is how forgettable this show is to the audience that watched it. Do I recommend this show to the people that are reading this review? The simple answer to that is no. There are other shows that came out in this season that is worth your time more than this one.


I have watched some bad anime in my time. But as of right now, I can’t think of one worse than this. Honestly, the premise of this show seemed really intriguing and so did the first episode. But it went downhill really fast and in a way that there was no coming back from it. *SPOILERS AHEAD* The Story As I said, the concept of enslaving other humans is intriguing. There was a lot that could have been done with this storyline but it seems like the studio just threw this anime together for the sake of putting something out. The plot twists come out of nowhere and that’s not a good thing. Most of the time, they just end up making the show worse. For instance, the fact that a dog not only knows how the SCM device works but understands the game and can play it. Like okay, I get dogs being loyal and that. But this is beyond ridiculous. It seems like the author was trying to make the story cuter or more emotional. And I’ll give them that the scene with the suicide was emotional. But beyond that, I had little to no interest in what this dog was doing. And that’s saying a lot from me because I’m the kind of person that cares more about animal characters than human ones. (Add to that the fact that this dog is one of the most human-sounding dogs ever, even when he barks/growls?) The Kiyo/Zero plotline, albeit cliché, could have been interesting since Kiyo couldn’t be controlled. However, once again, it was handled so haphazardly. Also, not getting proper explanations is one of my pet peeves. And the explanation for how their whole situation came to be is no explanation at all. The whole “it just happened somehow” explanation irked me to no end. The Characters This show has some of the most forgettable characters by far. And I can’t say I remember any of them by name. None of them had any chemistry, even the ones who were supposed to be pairs. And the individual characters have some of the worst development I’ve ever seen. Every character somehow jumped into a new personality before the previous one even developed entirely. EXAMPLES: The lead male is first portrayed as this power-hungry guy who wants to accumulate more and more slaves. Initially, it seems like he doesn’t care about his slaves and how he treats them. However, in only one episode, he becomes the lead female’s slave and almost her puppy. It would have been a lot more believable if he was unwilling and planning how to get his power back. But instead, he thinks that her righteous way is the only way to go, which might be so, but I didn’t particularly like for this character. I have more examples including something about the female lead. But I can't be arsed to go more into detail about this god-awful show. The Animation The animation was very basic. There’s nothing about it that particularly wow-ed me. But it definitely isn’t hard to watch. It’s also a pretty dull show, so someone who loves colorful bright shows (see Kimetsu no Yaiba) will find this one, not to their taste. The Sound OP/ED I don’t have much to say about the OP or ED because I’m one who usually skips these. Unless the music really makes me stop and listen. Suffice to say, these ones didn’t make me do that. Voice Acting The voice acting is once again average except for the dog. I don’t know if I’m the only one to say this, but that dog did not sound like a dog at all. And every time he barked or growled, I just wanted him to shut up.   Enjoyment I enjoyed the first three episodes. After that, it got real boring real quick. And after the 6<sup>th</sup> episode, when the dog became more important in the show, it just became downright stupid. In simple terms, I had to force my way through this show because I couldn’t care less about what was happening. I don’t recommend this show to anyone. It has been a complete waste of my time.

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