Dorami-chan: MiniDora SOS!!!

Movie (1 ep x 40 min)
3.292 out of 5 from 91 votes
Rank #10,548

When Nobita orders an item from the future in 1989, the deliveryman instead delivers it to his son, Nobisuke, in 2011. However, Nobisuke has no idea what it is and gives it to his friend Giachibi without opening it. Later that day, Dorami-chan arrives to locate the missing package, which contains a mini Doraemon robot named MiniDora. When Nobisuke realises that he’d inadvertently given MiniDora away, he tries to track down his Giachibi, though as the pair and their other pal, Suneki, begin to learn of the tiny robot’s secrets they get into more trouble than they bargained for…

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