Doraemon: Nobita no Kekkon Zenya

Alt title: Doraemon: Nobita's the Night Before a Wedding

Movie (1 ep x 27 min)
3.186 out of 5 from 332 votes
Rank #5,265

When Nobita helps an old lady cross the road, she tells him that he will make a good husband. While enamored with the idea of marrying Shizuka, Nobita spots her rehearsing a love scene for the school play and becomes convinced she will fall in love with her co-star. So when Doraemon attempts to cheer him up by informing him that he will get married in the future, the pair decides to travel forward in time and take a look at the wedding ceremony. However, when Doraemon accidentally presses the wrong button, they arrive the day before the wedding; and since Nobita continues to worry about what will happen, they decide to stick around. With an odd obstacle of  helping a lost cat find its way home in his way, can the future Nobita be able to get his happy ending and marry the girl he loves?

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