Doraemon Movie 27: Nobita no Shin Makai Daibouken - Shichinin no Mahou Tsukai

Movie (1 ep x 112 min)
3.668 out of 5 from 447 votes
Rank #3,448

Nobita can’t seem to do anything right. He repeatedly fails his tests, he’s awful at sports, and he can’t even tidy his room. In fact, he’s decided that the only hope for himself is magic. There’s just one problem: magic doesn’t exist. While wondering what a world of magic would be like, Nobita decides to use Doraemon’s ‘What if’ phone box to see for himself. When Nobita arrives in this parallel world of magic he learns that humans learned their powers from the demonic arts of the Magic Planet. Unfortunately the Magic Planet, which had not only caused the great flood but also the extinction of the dinosaurs when it crashed into the world before, is now heading towards Earth once again! Now, alongside his friends, the ever-clueless Nobita must find a way to fight devils, dragons and even the Demon King himself in order to prevent the complete annihilation of Earth.

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