Doraemon Movie 24: Nobita and the Strange Wind Rider

Alt title: Doraemon Movie 24: Nobita to Fushigi Kaze Tsukai

Movie (1 ep x 84 min)
3.49 out of 5 from 542 votes
Rank #6,208

When Nobita meets a mischievous baby typhoon, he names her Fuuko and takes her home. The following day, Doraemon takes Nobita, Shizuka and Fuuko through the Anywhere Door where they find themselves in the Wind Village - a land where the clouds are sheep and the racoons are like balloons! After a day of playing, the gang decides to head back home, leaving a door behind so Fuuko, who wants to stay longer, can return home. However, when an evil spirit residing inside a wolf uses the door instead, it meets Suneo and decides to possess him! Now Suneo is host to the spirit of Uranda, an evil wizard resurrected by the people of the Storm Village, and their leader. Plus to make matters worse, he has captured Fuuko and Gian, stolen Doraemon's pocket and destroyed their only way to return home! It is now up to Nobita, Shizuka and Doraemon to stop Uranda from reviving a terrifying monster.

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