Doraemon (1979)

TV (1787 eps x 11 min)
1979 - 2005
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Nobita is dumb, lazy, and slow, and as a result of his lack of motivation, any future generations in his bloodline are cursed with poverty! Therefore, to help him in his path to succeed, his great-great-great-great grandson visits him from the 22nd century to give him a gift: a blue mechanical cat named Doraemon who has a 4th-Dimensional pocket full of strange gadgets. Unfortunately, Doraemon's talents are inevitably misused for such things as peeping, practical jokes, and general tomfoolery. Can Nobita save his successors, or is he doomed to stay a loser forever?

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Doraemon is a popular Japanese cartoon that has been around for over fifty years, and while it has a large following, there are those who believe that it has a negative impact on its viewers. However, many people, including myself and my sister, have grown up watching this cartoon without any negative effects. The creators of the show incorporate both good and bad values into the storylines, but it is up to the viewers to interpret them and learn from them. For example, while some may argue that the main character Nobita is lazy and incompetent, the show intends to teach children not to be lazy, and to encourage them to learn new things. Nobita's reliance on gadgets and Doraemon's help is simply a plot device that allows the show to explore different scenarios and ideas. The cartoon, created by Fujiko Fujio, has been praised for its creativity, as it features a vast array of imaginative gadgets, characters, and plots. The show's objective is to increase awareness of various topics, such as the consequences of laziness, the importance of hard work, and the value of friendship. While some scenes in the cartoon defy the laws of physics, it is important to remember that Doraemon's target audience is children, and the show's genre is comedy. The purpose of the cartoon is to teach valuable life lessons in a way that is easy for children to understand. Friendship is a recurring theme in the show and is portrayed through various emotions, such as drama, comedy, anger, and jealousy. While some may argue that the show promotes negative behaviors, such as anger and jealousy, it is important to note that these emotions exist in real life. The show teaches children how to handle these emotions positively and emphasizes the importance of good manners and proper behavior. In conclusion, Doraemon remains a popular and beloved cartoon for children and adults alike, despite some criticisms. The show intends to teach valuable life lessons and encourage children to think creatively and positively. It is important to remember that everything has both good and bad, and it is up to the viewers to interpret and learn from the messages portrayed in the show.


DORAEMON~! Most 70's to 90's kids will know this as the blue mechanical cat from the future. Spanning over 40 years, this grand series is still ongoing. As a 90's child, I watched this once I knew how to sit in front of a TV, and look at the pictures and that obsession is still strong today. So let's get down to business and review the characters shall we not? We start of with Nobita, a boy who fails in life (or everything for that matter) gets visited by his great-grandson from the 22nd century and brings him horrible news that he'll live a bad life forever if he keeps up like he is now! And what does he bring him? A Giant, Blue Mechanical Cat, called Doraemon. Doraemon has a pouch that connects with the 4th Dimension and allows him to pull out AMAZING items from his pouch! From little Helicopter-blades that attach to your head to allow you to fly freely, to a magical door that will allow you to travel to anywhere in the universe by just walking through it! Then of course, we go to the heroine, a girl named Shizuka. Shizuka is Nobita's crush (eventually his wife), she is also one of Doraemon's gadgets' many victim, from being transported to Nobita's house while taking a shower, to a submarine gadget breaking into her bathroom (during her shower of course). She is also one of Nobita's four best friends, the other two, being Suneo and Gian. Suneo is a rich boy whose family has many connections with celebrities, whilest Gian lives in a department store which his mom owns. Although Suneo and Gian constantly bully Nobita, they have accepted Nobita as a best friend throughout the series MANY times. So as I get ready to wrap this review up, you'll probably ask "Is it worth it to watch all 1700+ episodes?" I'll sadly say, no. Even though I love the series, the stories get repetitive, you'll be likely to get bored by episode 400 or so, but if you love a great classic, such as myself, feel free to watch all those episodes! Even the movies! ALL 30 OF THEM.   So my final conclusion? Doraemon is a great classic if you're into it, if not, sadly, it won't be that interesting to you. But as a series that has been running strong for 40 years, I will highly recommend it, even if you plan to drop it, give it a try! For all you know, the first thing after you watch this anime can very well be wanting your door to take you to places you want to go!


Some people who watched Doraemon said that it made them bad.I grew up watching this cartoon and I am still watching. My sister also watched and still watches but there is no negativity.Actually, the problem is within the people. Everything has good and bad. There are good values and bad values in this cartoon but only a few will know how to convert negativity into positivity. In this cartoon, most people complain that Nobita is a fool, stupid, and can't do anything and Doraemon helps him cause he's lazy.He asks for gadgets for almost anything.But I say this:-I got no negativity. He is lazy cause it's the plot. The franchise made him like this so that they could analyze many things. Doraemon takes out gadgets not only to help him but to show creativity. Fujiko Fujio made this cartoon before 50 years! and he imagined almost everything!!!The gadgets, the characters, the plots, the future. These gadgets aren't from any movie but from Fujio's mind, his creativity!Salute to him!!!The main objective of this cartoon was to increase awareness of many things. Nobita is lazy cause he wants to teach the viewer not to be lazy! You must learn things that aren't shown but are meant to be learned.If he acts lazy, he will be shown a new gadget means new thoughts by the franchise. And there will be shown what will happen after you become lazy. You will be in trouble! That is what this show teaches us!There are some scenes that deny the law of physics, why? Because its main focus is on children but old or adults also watch it and its genre is also comedy so times the scene may neglect the rules of physics. This cartoon teaches you many things good by evaluating them if you do bad then what will happen or do good then what will happen?Children may be too small to understand it but seriously if this is the case then what about other cartoons? Doraemon teaches it in a way that is not shown but is meant to be understood.Friendship is shown, and drama, comedy, anger, and jealousy are shown there!If you say that there is hate anger and jealousy in Doraemon, what about real life? Most of the kids of today are not mannered properly, literally, 70% of kids show themselves that they can challenge and speak against adults.In life, there is everything that is shown in Doraemon and other cartoons. Some people are lazy and some are active. Some are rich and some are poor. Doesn't this make sense? You can't just tell that this will make you feel lazy! Listen, this franchise is made to learn not to insult or behave like the characters.It has 1700+ amazing episodes and you compare by just watching 170 or 300 episodes?Even watching episodes won't work, it has 50+ movies as of 2020(released every year since 1980 till today). There is a great bond of friendship in movies that you won't find anywhere. Even if someone bullies, or troubles you like Gian, or Suneo, if there is someone who helps you(like they helped Nobita many times) they care for you, and as people say, friends are meant to give trouble because they’re part of the fun. They joke, prank, fight, and share emotions together, which is why don’t take those scenes of Doraemon negatively. Gian and Suneo bully Nobita because it’s the dark truth of school life!!! They’re friends but Fujiko Fujio thought why not teach other people that bullying is bad and it has a side effect like Nobita was sad when he was bullied.And there comes Doraemon and Shizuka, who support Nobita(Gian and Suneo also support him but according to the story, they don’t really because to teach you indirectly that bullying is bad but sometimes teasing your friend isn’t).Literally, it's not possible to watch all the episodes as they are not found easily on the internet.My final words are that if you want to let your kids see Doraemon then let them but also tell them to learn good things. Negativity and positivity lie within you and all. If you say that Nobita always cries, you maybe wrong cause he is mend so that children learn not to cry because crying won’t give you success in life…

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