Doraemon (1979)

TV (1787 eps x 11 min)
1979 - 2005
3.446 out of 5 from 2,041 votes
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Nobita is dumb, lazy, and slow, and as a result of his lack of motivation, any future generations in his bloodline are cursed with poverty! Therefore, to help him in his path to succeed, his great-great-great-great grandson visits him from the 22nd century to give him a gift: a blue mechanical cat named Doraemon who has a 4th-Dimensional pocket full of strange gadgets. Unfortunately, Doraemon's talents are inevitably misused for such things as peeping, practical jokes, and general tomfoolery. Can Nobita save his successors, or is he doomed to stay a loser forever?

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DORAEMON~! Most 70's to 90's kids will know this as the blue mechanical cat from the future. Spanning over 40 years, this grand series is still ongoing. As a 90's child, I watched this once I knew how to sit in front of a TV, and look at the pictures and that obsession is still strong today. So let's get down to business and review the characters shall we not? We start of with Nobita, a boy who fails in life (or everything for that matter) gets visited by his great-grandson from the 22nd century and brings him horrible news that he'll live a bad life forever if he keeps up like he is now! And what does he bring him? A Giant, Blue Mechanical Cat, called Doraemon. Doraemon has a pouch that connects with the 4th Dimension and allows him to pull out AMAZING items from his pouch! From little Helicopter-blades that attach to your head to allow you to fly freely, to a magical door that will allow you to travel to anywhere in the universe by just walking through it! Then of course, we go to the heroine, a girl named Shizuka. Shizuka is Nobita's crush (eventually his wife), she is also one of Doraemon's gadgets' many victim, from being transported to Nobita's house while taking a shower, to a submarine gadget breaking into her bathroom (during her shower of course). She is also one of Nobita's four best friends, the other two, being Suneo and Gian. Suneo is a rich boy whose family has many connections with celebrities, whilest Gian lives in a department store which his mom owns. Although Suneo and Gian constantly bully Nobita, they have accepted Nobita as a best friend throughout the series MANY times. So as I get ready to wrap this review up, you'll probably ask "Is it worth it to watch all 1700+ episodes?" I'll sadly say, no. Even though I love the series, the stories get repetitive, you'll be likely to get bored by episode 400 or so, but if you love a great classic, such as myself, feel free to watch all those episodes! Even the movies! ALL 30 OF THEM.   So my final conclusion? Doraemon is a great classic if you're into it, if not, sadly, it won't be that interesting to you. But as a series that has been running strong for 40 years, I will highly recommend it, even if you plan to drop it, give it a try! For all you know, the first thing after you watch this anime can very well be wanting your door to take you to places you want to go!


Doraemon is a manga series, later adapted into anime, created by a mangaka duo named Fujiko Fujio. Their names are Hiroshi Fujimoto and Moto Abiko. The manga ran for a very long time, from 1969 to 1996 and, at the end, weighed in at 45 volumes. In 1973 it was adapted into an anime series and it still running, despite being dropped by various directors. In total, the anime series’ total number of episodes is a staggering 2165(!), thus making it the second longest animated series in Japan and, most probably, in the world. The series also has an impressive 30 movies. Now, such a colossal number of episodes and movies must mean that it is good, right? That it probably has good writing, engaging stories and character interactions, right? Since it has messages about integrity, perseverance, respect, courage and/or family along with global warming, pollution etc. It cannot possibly fail, true? Wrong! It fails hard on every level. The series is seriously messed up and just wrong. The series is about a complete wreck of a human called Nobita Nobi who struggles through life. He has neglectful, sometimes even abusive, parents, always gets a zero at school, has no friends and is bullied constantly and mercilessly by two douchebags called Suneo and Gian who claim to be his friends (right, and I am cyborg pirate ninja Jesus). He also has a love interest, a girl named Suzuka, because she is the only one who is kind to him. One day his predecessors send a robotic cat, called Doraemon, to help, through time from the 23rd Century because his hopelessness caused them serious financial problems and thus want to help him. Doraemon has a thing called a 4D pocket, but I prefer to call it a God pocket because it contains any gadget and machine that can be possibly imagined. It has time machines, dimension creators, inter-dimensional transportations, shrink and enlargement rays etc. Despite this god-like ability, Doraemon fails in every episode. At the start of EVERY episode we get Nobita either getting another abysmal grade at school, getting beaten by the bullies or screamed at by his parents, usually by his mother because the father is mostly absent, working, if not that then minding his own business. There are instances of the Nobis interacting like a decent family but those are few and far between. Anyway, after Nobita suffers through his first order of abuse of the day, he then runs to Doraemon, obviously crying his eyes out, and asks for help, which he gets either willingly or reluctantly, where Doraemon gives him a gadget to fix the problem. Nobita, expectedly, being so desperate for some humane treatment and some love, abuses this gadget, and is made look like an arse in the end where he supposed to learn a lesson. Good God, my soul just hurts because of this and I don’t even believe in souls or God. You know what the worst part is? Is that this got many cultural awards and Doraemon has received the honour of being the Anime mascot Also, this crap is supposed to be for kids! When I found all that out I was left speechless in shock. Just how is this possible? Shouldn’t, for example, Astro Boy get this place since he was made by Osamu Tezuka, the father of anime and manga? In short, this series is a depressing, soul-scarring, losing-faith-in-humanity inducing massive piece of ... fail. Therefore I am giving it a well-deserved 0.9 out of 10. I would give it an even worse grade but, believe it or not, there are worse series out there. It still doesn’t deserve a 1, though. PS: I haven’t exactly stopped watching this at episode 200. I don’t know when I stopped watching but I had to press some episode number otherwise I wouldn’t be able to upload the review.

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