Donyatsu Episode 9 - Famous Quotes

Bagel tries to remember that one famous line from that one Arnie movie.

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Famous Quotes

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What would happen if you started to peel a tasty banana, only to find an adorable kitty lurking inside? Bananya (“nya” is the Japanese word for “meow”) and all of his fruity feline friends are on the loose and having any exciting escapades. Will Bananya ever achieve his lifelong dream of one day becoming a trendy, chocolate-covered...

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Karasune Karasune says

Cat doughnut. Cat banana. I'm sure you see the similarity. Both of these short anime follow the silly and cute adventures of a part cat, part food character.

chii chii says

If you like anime about cats that are food too look no further than these 2 amazing titles. Sure to please the cat and food lover in you!

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Cats as food - what's not to like? There isn't much of a plot with these two, and the similarities are fairly obvious. 

The Nameko Families

The Nameko Families

A home drama centering around protagonist "Nameko." Amusing family anecdotes, surprising and funny events, and a little bit of tear-jerking in the warm, everyday lives of the Nameko family.

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chii chii says

Do you like food that walks around doing things? These 2 shows are totally for you then!! Both pretty cute and very random! They look delicious too.