Alt title: Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoida

TV (12 eps)
3.329 out of 5 from 515 votes
Rank #9,550

Sakurazaki Suzuo has recently returned to his hometown of Nakasora City, eager for a part-time job; yet none can be found. After a series of heroic events, Suzuo finds himself in the company of a young girl who offers him a bargain he almost can’t refuse: wear a “toy” belt, developed by the intergalactic Otankonasu Company, and be the hero of the universe! With no money in sight, Suzuo has no choice but to accept, but he has no idea what he just got himself into! The belt transforms him into the justice-wielding Dokkoida, and he must now work for the Galaxy Union Police Department, arresting galactic criminals with his 108 deadly blows. As if things weren’t bad enough, the defeated criminals have a habit of donning a secret identity and moving into his apartment complex, causing much mayhem and hijinks. Transform, Dokkoida! Save the universe with your suit of strength!

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My first thoughts when I saw the DVD cover on the internet, I had one thought in my head… “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP?” Of course, I became a little curious as to what this was all about so here we go. This is my review about this… um… show… um… give me a second here… It’s just… how do I put this nicely? It was better for younger kids, not that it’s bad. There are really good parts too but its just rather childish. It’s a collaboration of a bunch of different super heroes and super villains all rolled into one and makes fun of every single one of them. I guess a good place to start would be the characters. Suzuo is stupid little boy who gets in way over his head just because of the need for a job. I’m glad in his power suit looks like it has a diaper because he seems to really need it. Almost all the time, he seems to freak out every time they fight. Kosuzu is just a whiny little navi character. I say navi character because all she does is whine and talk to him without doing any fighting. I hate episode 8 all for the fact they bring Sister Princess into it. They change the name but yet all the designs aren’t even changed! Now the whole idea feels like a sitcom where villains and heroes live under the same roof and even though they at first think that they know each other, try to pretend that they don’t. And how does the villains have a A grade? I wouldn’t even call them F grade! They are just really bad villains. The artwork is so so, the characters don’t normally keep their shape. I guess its normal for a comedy show like this but it just feels odd. It’s much like Sgt Frog in how out of control it can be. Why does Suzuo have little pink cheeks when no one else has them? It feels out of place. Oh… and don’t worry, there are magical girl transformations that don’t take 5 minutes. The opening sadly makes it feel more like its supposed to be serious then funny. It doesn’t work right. The English voices are alright and fit to the comedy of the show rather well. Unfortunately, it was a wall of dialogue that never went any where. They speak a little to fast and just make it hard to understand.

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