Dog Days'

TV (13 eps)
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Three months have passed since Shinku returned to Earth, and now, he’s been summoned once more to return to the magical kingdom of Flonyard. But this time, he’s bringing a friend! While Shinku reprises his role as Princess Millhiore’s protector, his friend Rebecca, spellbound by this fantastical place, is quickly recruited to be a bordering kingdom’s champion. What’s more, Shinku’s cousin, Natsumi, was also summoned to Flonyard by Biscotti’s strongest rival of all, Leonmitchelli! With more war games on the horizon and plenty of adventures in store, Shinku and his friends must do their best to help their respective ruler win the spoils!

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A Hero Appears! image

Episode 1

A Hero Appears!

Pastillage Joins The Battle! image

Episode 2

Pastillage Joins The Battle!

Three Heroes! image

Episode 3

Three Heroes!

Biscotti Summer Camp! image

Episode 4

Biscotti Summer Camp!

Galette Sword Style Record! image

Episode 5

Galette Sword Style Record!

Pastillage's Hero King Legend image

Episode 6

Pastillage's Hero King Legend

Battle at the Cave of Sealing! image

Episode 7

Battle at the Cave of Sealing!

Esnart Arts and Music Festival image

Episode 8

Esnart Arts and Music Festival

Union Fest image

Episode 9

Union Fest

One-On-One In The Skies and On Land image

Episode 10

One-On-One In The Skies and On Land

Change My Heart image

Episode 11

Change My Heart

Final Stage image

Episode 12

Final Stage

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FullmetalDragon's avatar
FullmetalDragon Feb 16, 2016
Score 5/10

I was ridiculously excited for this. Not particularly because I liked the first series (I mean, I did, but not enough to get this excited), but because my absolute favourite thing in anything set in an alternate world is when the person who originally went brings their friend there. It's awesome when the person freaks out, but my absolute favourite is when they couldn't care less and the original person is... read more

Dionkeykong's avatar
Dionkeykong Apr 11, 2017
Score 3.8/10

Hi everyone and let's not waste time with what is what and dive right into Dog Days'... So i take it u saw the 1st season and liked it..I did too..It was interesting-ish,nothing special,a good story,good animation,good characters and so on and so forth..Well the good news is that the animation is still good,the soundtrack and voice acting still good..But every single thing other than these has gone downhill... read more

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