Divine Gate

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Divine Gate

After the Divine Gate opened, our world and the worlds beyond became connected, bringing an era of chaos. To restore order, the World Council was formed and theDivine Gate fell into legend. Now, a select few have gathered to attempt to reach the Gate and remake the world. But what will they find when they open the door?

Source: Funimation

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(Sub) Endless Rain image

Episode 1

(Sub) Endless Rain

(Sub) Inextinguishable Flame image

Episode 2

(Sub) Inextinguishable Flame

(Sub) Where the Wind Went image

Episode 3

(Sub) Where the Wind Went

(Sub) Blue Memory image

Episode 4

(Sub) Blue Memory

(Sub) The Defiers image

Episode 5

(Sub) The Defiers

(Sub) More Important Than Yourself image

Episode 6

(Sub) More Important Than Yourself

(Sub) Where It Began image

Episode 7

(Sub) Where It Began

(Sub) Two Paths image

Episode 8

(Sub) Two Paths

(Sub) The Divine Play image

Episode 9

(Sub) The Divine Play

(Sub) The Key to the Gate image

Episode 10

(Sub) The Key to the Gate

(Sub) Your Name... image

Episode 11

(Sub) Your Name...

(Sub) Beyond the Gate image

Episode 12

(Sub) Beyond the Gate

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hamletsmage's avatar
hamletsmage Apr 15, 2016
Score 5/10

Divine Gate is based on an app game by GungHo, which boasts about having over 1000 characters. This leads to the problem of which characters to animate, since the favorites would change from player to player. So, instead of choosing a handful and giving them all the air time, Studio Pierrot chose a couple dozen and made a mess.  Story: The first half of the anime actually had a comprehensible storyline... read more

modicumcat's avatar
modicumcat Feb 22, 2016
Score 5/10

Spoiler free! I really thought I was going to like this anime when it started. The premise seemed interesting and I really liked some of the characters. I also liked the animation style, it's different from a lot of animes. And the opening song is pretty good too, probably my favorite thing I'm going to take away from this anime. The story just seemed to meander though, without ever really explaining anything... read more



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