Dir En Grey: Agitated Screams of Maggots

Music Video (1 ep x 3 min)
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What matters most about a music video is obviously whether the music itself is good or not. Being that this is Dir En Grey, who manage to strike gold basically everytime they enter a recording studio, it's great. The content of the video however, is something else entirely. Story Dir En Grey are known for pushing their music videos way past the limits of cencorship. This one is no exception and is one of the more graphic videos they've done. Little girl comes home to find two halves of a small humanoid creature mating on the floor, she pretty much shrugs and curb stomps it, going about her day. Fast forward, it's dinner time and the little bearded fellow has gotten into moms soup. He proceeds to jump into her mouth and her body transforms into an adult sized version of the creature. What follows after this is so nasty it would feel criminal to discuss it. Animation The animation itself has a very cloudy and dark sketchy look to it. Looks pretty cool but the content in it makes you cringe, ranging from detailed gore to sexual deviation. There's intentional lag (is this the word I'm looking for?) in between shots that adds to the uneasy atmosphere of the video, making it quite haunting. Which means everything is working well animation-wise, seeing as it's all for the shock value entertainment. Sound Just as it's called Agitated Screams of Maggots, the song has a very agitated and angry feel, and if you know the lyrics then you know that everything is exactly as it should be. Alot of people like the message behind music, but if you're looking for anything positive then just move on because you won't find it here. Vocals; Kyo takes his voice and gives you some of the most pleasently erratic screams you can find in Dir En Grey's genre (Which covers J-rock to Metal), being my favorite Japanese vocalist, he can pretty much do everything vocally under the sun. The instruments are just as erratic and fast paced as the vocals, giving you the ultimate cormfortably uncormfortable song you could imagine. 10/10 Sound and shock value-wise

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