Digimon X-Evolution

TV Special (1 ep x 77 min)
3.384 out of 5 from 1,732 votes
Rank #8,706

The Digital World is a place where all kinds of digital monsters live together in harmony. That is, until one day their world is thrown into disorder when Yggdrasil, the super computer that governs the Digital World and everything in it, can’t handle any more data. Thus, it comes up with a solution: to restart the Digital World, erasing both the world and most of the Digimon along with it! Only a few chosen Digimon are transported to the new world, along with Digimon that carry the X-Antibody. The latter are considered errors, so Yggdrasil sends his Royal Knights to hunt them down. Young Dorumon, a X-Anibody Digimon on the run, is a small glint of hope for the Digital World. Will he, along with new friends and allies, be able to survive and save their new home?

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