Digimon Adventure Tri. Movie 5: Coexistence

Alt title: Digimon Adventure Tri. Movie 5: Kyousei

Movie (1 ep x 85 min)
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Digimon Adventure Tri. Movie 5: Coexistence

Part 5 of the Digimon Adventure Tri. movie series.

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As I have this review already written out, I thought I might as well post it, and then I guess I'll post a review for the next movie sometime next year. Was originally going to do this movie and next movie as a double post, as I feel that the two movies are two parts of the same movie... more so than the other movies. So onto the review: Synopsis: When Dark Gennai holds Meiko by the throat, her feet dangling helplessly above the ground, the darkness within Meicoomon takes over once again; the transformation in Meicoomon causes distortions to open up; distortions that lead to the real world - a Digimon invasion begins as Digimon start going through the distortions. Dispite portals opening that lead to the real world, the chosen children are still stranded in the Digital World; they deal with constantly changing scenary, random wild Digmon attacks, and even attacks from plant life; their presence being rejected by the Digital World itself, according to Hikari. Story: Similar to the Vamdemon arc in Adventure, the chosen children find themselves stranded in the Digital World, whilst a Digimon invasion happens in the real world; furthering the similarity between this movie and the series, the chosen children go from being in the Digital World, to being in the real world, and then back to being in the Digital World. During their time in the real world, as the return after the Digimon invasion has started, they are looked upon with fear due to their Digimon partners; this could have been played out more, but the way it was done was good too, to be honest. A part of Apocalymon is revealed to be inside Meicoomon, which is revealed as to be the reason behind the darkness; this could mean that the egg that features at the start of Reunion is Meicoomon's - doesn't this mean the sub has taken from the dub's pages, what with Fox Kid's dub amalgamation movie? We already saw the start of Himekawa's road to insanity in the previous movie, but we now see more of it in this movie; Himekawa makes two appearances, each time with a different weapon, and in her final appearance, winds up in the Dark Ocean, with her fate possibly being bleak. The conversation between Taichi and Meiko, and/or the conversation between Agumon and Meiko apparently may get reported back to Hikari, Sora and/or Yamato... but probably not Jou, as the Digimon partners watch the conversations from the window, and wonder if the conversation(s) should be reported to their respective chosen child. Towards the end of the movie, we see Hikari in dispair, which brings about Orphanimon -Fall Down Mode-, which then merges with Meicoomon, to become Ordinemon, who looms over the ground in true Neon Genesis Evangelion fashion... say hello to "Digimeon Advenesis Triangelion". Another thing that happens, which is due to the same reason as the events of the previous paragraph happening, is the passing of the goggles mantle, with Yamato taking over the role of leader from Taichi. Score: 8/10 - the story starts in the Digital World, and ends in the Digital World, so it feels like the story doesn't actually move (when it does); big things happen, in the form of, fear from the populace, Hikari falling into dispair, and Yamato taking up the role of leader; Himekawa's road to insanity feels more like a tradegic comedy, more than anything else, in my opinion. Animation: Hikari has an argument with herself, as Homeostatis takes over her body, and we see Hikari's actual conciousness outside her body, arguing with Homeostatis; personally, I feel it's portrayed in an interesting way in regards to animation. The fanservice factor for female Digimon is in full swing during evolution sequences, though... that said, they are somewhat obstructed this time round, as the Digimon often partake in mass evolution, rather than individual evolutions for each Digimon. If you're after unobstructed examples of fanservice during the evolution sequences, you'll need to turn to the previous movies (Determination for Rosemon, and Confession for Angewomon); Ordinemon contributes to fanservice in the form of gross-sexy... perhaps - I use a similar term (gross-cute) to how Cho-Hokkaimon is referred to as in Xros Wars Hunters. Score: 10/10 - the only fault I have is that the fanservice is obstructed, so if that's the only fault, then it doesn't factor into the score. Sound: The music is the same as with the previous movie, Loss; a mix of classic music (remixed), and new music; as with before, whilst some of the new music is good, I'm unsure it fits with the style of Digimon, in my opinion. The ending this time, is not a remix, but features Ai Maeda and Ayumi Miyazaki, the latter sings Brave Heart, the evolution music; it's not overly memorable... after watching the movie, I can't even think what it sounds like... unless I think really hard, and even then, but I'm not one hundred per cent sure if I can hear the correct song in my head. Score: 7/10 - same stuff as the review of the previous movie, the only addition is that the ending this time isn't as memorable. Characters: See "Characters" section in the review for the previous movie, Loss; there isn't anything in this movie related to characters that I feel stands out, so I feel everything's largely unchanged from the previous movie, in way of characters... I guess no weirdness from Dark Gennai does mean the score won't be negatively effected. Score: 10/10 - no more weirdness from Dark Gennai in this movie, which was the reason why the score for the Characters section for the previous movie was one point fewer. Final Thoughts: So, I'm a bit unsure about Agumon's declaration of liking Meicoomon so early on after the partner Digimon had lost their memories, and re-encountering Meicoomon (and the chosen children); initially I thought it was a mistake by the writer(s)... forgetting that the partner Digimon had lost their memories. It could actually be that like Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, this movie has the concept of "the body remembers, even if the heart does not", but then I thought it could also be that Agumon has a mind like a child. Something I do feel is a mistake, is that Koushiro analyses Jessmon in this movie, but... he already did this in (I think) the movie before last; are we sure Koushiro isn't the one with missing memories? Lastly, I mentioned Apcalymon earlier in this review; I found a video of the Apocalymon showdown in Adventure, which has been given a similar do-over to Keep On, which I mentioned on the review of the previous movie, Loss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9He9ZlDolwI From what I can see, the video builds on the events of the series, with all the partner Digimon evolving to Ultimate, rather than Perfect as with the series; it uses footage from the PSP game based on Digimon Adventure to do this. Had to re-search for video; initially located a similar video, however not as tidy as the original video, although as it does not include splitscreen Warp Evolutions (only Hikari and Takeru get their own Warp Evolutions), I thought I'd include it as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJVku98kIWQ Images come from cubeupload only (the sun is setting on linking images from my Photobucket account), but originally come from: modern gafa, Evangelion wikia, pinterest, Wikimon and Minitokyo.

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