Digimon Adventure Tri. Movie 1: Reunion

Alt title: Digimon Adventure Tri. Movie 1: Saikai

Movie (1 ep x 96 min)
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Digimon Adventure Tri. Movie 1: Reunion

It's been six years since that summer adventure when Taichi Yagami and the rest of the DigiDestined crossed over to the Digital World. And nearly three years have passed since the final battle between Hikari Yagami's group and BelialVamdemon. As the peaceful days passed by, at some point the gate to the Digital World closed. Not even the DigiDestined know what caused this, and time alone continues to pass.

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SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!! When Digimon Tri was first announced, I was in complete shock. Adventure and 02 were my childhood, but I fell out of the franchise after Tamers ended (not to say I became less of a fan, but just that I didn't like the direction the show was going). I tried to avoid all spoilers going into Digimon Tri (aside from trailers), so I had no idea what to expect. I figured they might retcon the end of 02, as the ending there made it seem impossible to continue the show. As it stand after just watching this first movie, I'm still not sure how much of 02 is canon and how much has been retconned. From the first five minutes of the movie, it is clear the cast of 02 (aside from Kari and T.K., for some reason) was defeated by the villain of the movie. There's really nothing to indicate when that happened though, as this villain wasn't in the show. It almost looks like the 02 cast died, but I don't want to believe that (both because then it would feel like cheap writing to not have to deal with them for the movies, and because I am really attached to those kids, especially Ken). Speaking of 02, it felt odd to me how little it was referenced. There are a few things, such as Kari and T.K. having D-3s, and Gennai having his 02 design, Mimi living in America, and etc. However, nobody ever talks about the 02 cast, or what happened to them, or much of what happened in 02. It felt like 02 never happened. I mean, how could you have four friends (and possibly their Digimon) maybe die, and never bring them up at all, not even in passing? It was just odd. Also, while I'm complaining... The worse part of this movie was the pacing. I loved every minute of the movie, but it moved SO SLOWLY. Over twenty minutes in and the main cast was still just living their everyday lives. It made the appearance of Agumon and the others that much more exciting, but it felt strange for it to be a Digimon movie with no Digimon... Also, not a whole lot actually happens in this movie in terms of overall plot. Not that I know where they're going with all six movies, but I wish the pacing had been tighter. This movie raised way more questions than answers. Which works for it being the first of six connected movies, but I kept waiting and waiting for more information on what happened between 02 and the movie, and there really wasn't much. In a way, I felt like I had come in on the second act, and nobody was referencing what had gone on in the first. Lots of complaints... But they can be boiled down to slow pacing and not enough information given between 02 and the movie--especially if there's some retcon, as you can't retcon something and be vague about it, or it confuses those familiar with the show. Now, let's move on to the positive! Because I loved this movie! The two problems above didn't detract all that much (and the lack of info wouldn't be as big of a problem with a re-watch, since I know I'm not getting the answers). First off, the animation. It is GORGEOUS!!! While a whole new style from the show, it still gives a similar feel, and it is extremely high quality. I believe I watched the movie in 720, and it looked just like a DVDrip because the animation is just that good. I like all of the character redesigns. They're all growing older, but still reflect their younger selves. Tai does look weird without goggles, though. I mean, he did in 02 as well, but his character redesign is my least favorite, and he looked so much better once Izzy gave him new goggles. I also love how the movie is a little darker and more realistic than the show. This movie shows just how dangerous and destructive Digimon can be, which was something the show mostly ignored. People have been hurt because of their battles. It was a little weird how people treated the Digimon, though. There were a few references back to the other times Digimon have been in the real world, but most seemed to treat it as if that was the first time they had seen Digimon, when that was at least the fourth (if I recall right). Which comes back to the retcon issue. 02 had the whole world involved at the end, and so it's just strange that nobody seems to recognize Digimon. But I do like this aspect of the Digidestined having to hear all of this hate for their partners. It's hard to hear it myself, since I love the Digimon so much, but it also brings the stakes up a little. The Digidestined have the world against them, but still have to defend this world. Which brings us to Tai. He seemed so confident and mature in 02, but in Tri he seems to be questioning himself. Now that he's a little older, he seems more aware of the destruction Digimon can cause, and it’s made him question if what he's doing is right. This is an interesting twist, as it's always been clear that the Digidestined are in the right. I was kind of annoyed with Tai while watching the movie, but after taking a step back, I can see where he's coming from. They're the only ones that can save the world, but to save it they have to destroy much of it. Speaking of fights, the digivolving scene is new. I think I like the old better, but I don't mind the new. I do like how the Digivice has their name appear on it. That was cool. Also, I believe there was only one instance of them calling out their attacks, and that was with Togemon. The rest of the time, they just attacked. In some ways it was nice, as the fighting seemed a little more seamless, but I still missed hearing their attack names. Also, I loved how involved the government was with the Digimon/Digidestined. That aspect was largely ignored in the first two seasons, so it was nice to see the government playing an active role in dealing with a reoccurring threat, and it was a nice way to get the kids all together for the fight. It cracked me up, though, that Joe refused to go with them because he was too busy studying. Speaking of Joe... His crest is Reliability, but he skipped out on everything because he was studying... I don't think he realized what was going on at first, but as the movie progresses you can tell he's feeling more and more down for staying out of things. But his constant studying hints at the 02 epilogue, in which he was a doctor. Not that he wasn’t constantly studying in the previous seasons, but it seems like higher stakes in Tri. I hope he gets some action in the next movie. We also get hints at Tai's epilogue job. Tai doesn't know what to do with his life, and is told maybe he should study languages--which works great for being a diplomat between the real and digital worlds. Now, for the romance... My heart was broken several times throughout this movie. I was prepared for Matt and Sora being together, but in this movie Sora is actually torn between the two of them. So, there's hope for Taiora! Though it probably won't happen... *sob* I shipped Matt and Mimi when I was a kid, but in re-watching the show over the past few months, I realized I ship Mimi and Joe. But it's very obvious Izzy likes Mimi... Not that I'm super heartbroken over this, as I also kind of shipped Mimi with Izzy. Mimi and Joe was just cuter. But Izzy is pretty adorable in Tri, with how he's trying to get Mimi's attention with his fashion. Back to Joe, I found it hilarious how Izzy kept on talking and talking in explaining what's been going on with the real world and the digital, and he just talks through everybody else fighting and whatnot, but even he becomes distracted by the news that Joe has a girlfriend. XD I wish we had gotten to see the girlfriend, but since all Joe did this movie was study... Maybe in the next five. Now, for the biggest heartbreak... T.K. and Kari... T.K. apparently has a girl he's interested in (I can't remember if she was a girlfriend or not). And Kari doesn't seem to care at all. If anything, she just teases him about it. WHAT!?! While T.K. and Kari never had any real romantic moments in the show, they were adorable together, and everything just pointed at them ending up as a couple (aside from the epilogue, which didn't indicate either way with them). Their ages, their Digimon partners and evolutions, how well they knew and understood one another... Davis liked Kari in 02, but T.K. fell into the gentle protector role so well for her, and she was strong enough to support him back. I'm just... I knew there was always a chance they didn't actually end up married, but it hurts for T.K. to be mentioning a girl he likes and for Kari not to even care. But I've rambled for far too long. Overall, this is a great movie, and a great addition to the Adventure universe. It has a few issues such as pacing and not being clear on what's been retconned (there has to be retconning involved, with how the 02 finale played out), but I still enjoyed every minute of this movie. The animation was superb, it was more realistic with real world consequences, the music was amazing, and it was great to see the old cast again. I just can't believe we have to wait clear until March for the next movie... I need it now!


I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this review, but it has to be done. A bit of background before I have other Digimon fans screaming at me:  I love Digimon; I grew up with Digimon.  Digimon Adventure was on the list of "Saturday morning cartoons" I got up to see, and even though the dub heavily edited it (not that I knew it at the time), I loved it. Zero Two has dozens of plot holes, neglected character development, and the dub included silly lines which attempted to lighten the dark mood, but I still enjoyed it the first time it aired.  Season Three/Tamers was one of my favorites...Season Four/Frontier, not so much; Season Five/Savers was huge for its time because the protagonists were all in their teens.  I didn't care much for Season Six, but I did watch a couple episodes. I saw the movies for seasons 1-5, and even drew fanart.  My avatar here is Takeru/TK, for crying out loud! So, when Tri was announced, I was as excited as every other Digimon fan.  Then, that excitement died down when they released the first "poster" for it where the characters were visible, and I saw that they had taken away the bright colors and character design traits which were notable for the Digimon franchise. Still, I figured I'd give it a chance, because it's Digimon.  Then, it came out...and after 20 minutes (an episode's length) of nothing happening, I got so bored I stopped watching (though eventually went back to finish watching it).  Plot The plot thus far is lackluster, and there isn't enough to sum it up just yet. The first 20 minutes is filled with the most boring slice-of-life I've ever seen, and what came after that didn't really provoke any interest (in me). Characters Who are these people?  They're dull, uninteresting, and some of them are barely even mentioned. Not much to say on the characters; they're just the Adventure group as teenagers, really, with less personality.  The "oldest" (Taichi, Yamato, Sora) are in their final year of high school, and the youngest are in junior high/middle school. In the Adventure (and even Zero Two) universes where digivices were given to children, not teenagers (even Jyou wasn't yet a teenager in Adventure), it creates a rather odd clash of ideas by having the characters be in the range of 14-18 years of age. Overall The first 20 minutes nearly put me to sleep.  Heck, the first 3 minutes nearly did me in.  Compared to how the pacing of Digimon usually goes, it's a huge change in the wrong direction. It was like the writers tried to include some slice-of-life into it, and only managed to fail miserably in doing so.  20 minutes of what the characters are up to before the plot is introduced is not necessary for an action/adventure series like Digimon, especially since we know these characters already. The retcon of Zero Two was done horribly, as well.  From the perspective of someone who plays a tabletop like D&D (Pathfinder, to be specific), where retcons are sometimes needed by the DM, this retcon had none of the needed explanation. In a retcon, you don't give a teaser and then explain it much later on (I presume it will be explained); you explain it right up front so that the players know what's going on (or the audience, in this case).  Retcons are supposed to fix a wrong direction that the story went in, not bring up more questions than they answer. The retcon was incredibly poorly done, and the way it was done was probably the worst way (plot-wise) to get rid of the Zero Two cast.  From the sounds of how the rest of the characters talked, they never met the new characters Zero Two introduced; something like that should have been the focus of the first 20 minutes rather than the slice-of-life disappointment we were given. In fact, in that "retcon" at the very start of the series, we even saw the dark D3 of Ken's...which brings up about a million possibilities of what could have happened considering how Zero Two explained how he got it. The character designs were just as bad as I thought they'd be; the cast looks like every other generic anime which comes out these days.  There was one scene in the beginning where Taichi was talking to a teacher, and I thought it was another student at first because the teacher didn't look any older than the characters. The music...I was not impressed with how they changed "Butterfly" (the Adventure opening song).  On the other hand, the slower tempo of the song in Tri does reflect on the slow pace of the anime. Basically, everything was slow and moved at a snail's pace.  I've seen slice-of-life anime, and it's one of my favorite genres.  Digimon Tri fails horribly at being slice-of-life, and should never have spent so long on the beginning. I'm giving the overall a "2" instead of a "1" for future potential to fix the mistakes they made already (not that I'll be watching).  The more you love something, the more it hurts when you're betrayed; that's what it feels like Tri did.

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