Dies irae

Alt title: Day of Wrath

TV (11 eps)
Fall 2017
2.009 out of 5 from 1,590 votes
Rank #9,033
Dies irae

At the end of World War II, sorcerers use the lives lost in battle as a sacrifice to conduct a ritual. If successful, the ritual would resurrect a group of supermen whose coming would signify the world’s end. The war ends, and no one knows whether the ritual was a success. Decades pass, and it’s all forgotten until present-day Japan when Ren Fuji has a disturbing dream of black-clothed knights.  

Source: Funimation

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Episode 1

Twilight Girl

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Episode 2

The Claws and Fangs of a Beast

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Episode 3

The End of the Nightmare Is a Beginning

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Golden Beast

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A Mother's Sins

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Self-Destruction Factor

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roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Dec 28, 2017
Score 2/10

We begin with badly stitched together scenes of psychotic Nazis killing and blowing up shit while reciting emo poetry about destroying the world. And if you ask me what their motivation is, they are bored, they have too much angst, so everyone has to die.

Then we see the main character fighting his obligatory rival. We are never shown why they are fighting, which comes off as silly since you know... read more

MythicalTurkey's avatar
MythicalTurkey Jan 20, 2018
Score 1/10

*spoiler-free review but who cares* If hitler was an author You scramble around in the darkness, your bare hands slapping the cold hard pavement. You're searching for answers. To what? You aren't sure, but you'll know when you find them, because at least they'll have shape. The darkness you feel now has none, it's incomprehensible and cold. The most cold you've ever felt, as emptiness often does. Seconds tick... read more

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