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Mar 9, 2015


The problem with this anime? Its wasted potential. I remember watching the first episode of the main season and being seriously disturbed by the characters' behaviour. Nevertheless, after dwelling into their story, I understood their ulterior reasons. This does not mean that I endorsed their actions, just that I could understand the reasons behind this behaviour.So if you get the feeling that the anime is garbage at least try to take a glimpse at the story behind. It's worthy!


So by now you may have understood that what really annoys me about DiaLovers it's the lack of plot and character development. Ok, they are sadist and their main hobby is to stick their fangs into their Mary Sue puppet. And if it would be all about this, I would have given up after the first episode and rate it 1. The thing is, there is a story but the creators have issues in displaying it properly. There are bits and hints, but if you are not interested, you won't find much. Nevertheless, in the OVA, there is so little plot as usual: alongside with the 5 Sakamaki vampires, 4 others appear, all of them expressing their concern about not finding their puppet so we spend half of the time searching for her and the other half seeing her being treated like... yeah.


Ok, the animation it's beautiful. Some may not like it, some may insist on its flaws, but I consider the animation just stunning. Let's face it, DiaLovers has a lot of fan service and it delivers the right kind of animation for this. The Bishounens are so beautiful it hurts. And if you are not into sadism, at least you can enjoy the beauty of the blood drops running along the skin or staining the water. Or there is beautiful scenery.  So yes, I think that the animation is one of the main qualities of DiaLovers.


Ok, so there is the same creepy, flat, stupid music. However, the voice acting is flawless. I am always in awe hearing them speak, as the voice actors are capable to convey complex and captivating emotions, glimpsing into the potential of the characters.


Once again, love to hate them, hate to love them. I love that there is a bit of development in Kanato. I always felt like he was the most dull and disgusting character but maybe there is more to him than this. And I love Azusa and Ruki.Quite captivating.Azusa seems so graciously disturbed he stirs my curiosity big time.

I am sure the anime won't make me know him but, hey, I've got a full page of wiki to read!  One thing I don't like, as it was the case in the main anime, is Ayato's behaviour , as he thinks that his biting and his jerky behaviour pleasures Yui SO much. Basically, he hits her, refers to her as his prey or his material posession and he truly thinks this is what she wants: "your face is asking for it" , "Then if you desire it so much, I'll let you feel my fangs" I hate the vibe i get from this, his vocabulary seems to be one of a rapist and her lack of reaction drives me crazy . (in the games, apparently, she does enjoy his biting but she seems so pained in the anime -_- )


So the thing is, you can't *enjoy* this anime as there is not much about the story. You root for the boys if you know their backgrounds but, mainly, you fangirl over the beauty of those bishounens and indulge in their weird, out of place behaviour. I knew this anime was messing with my mind from back then, when I defended Laito for his (apparently) unforgivable behaviour (take me to church much ^_^) . And still, he,along with Subaru, is my favourite character. Ruki and Azusa also seem nice additions, so I guess I will wait for more bishounening in the 2nd season.


Oh, DiaLovers, you can do so much better, you can be so much more! Really, there is such a rich background so they could create a compelling and intricate story to make you fall for the characters and suffer along with them and... But no, DiaLovers is all about Do-S or Do-M and seeing this OVA, I don't think there is any chance for the next season to go elsewhere. It could have been a wholheartedly 5. In exchange, I settle at 3,5 because of the  beautiful animation, beautiful boys and great voice acting. I think the score it has in here is a tad too cruel. DiaLovers certainly has its strong points, this if you are able to overlook its enormous flaws.

2/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jul 26, 2015

Oh man... I don't know how to start this. I need some help. Maybe Idiocracy can show me the way.

Because we got an OVA of the hit show of the decade, where... ugh. This gets me all depressed, even to talk about it. Look, if you're reading this, you already know what it's about. Or what the main series is about. Well, it's like getting an arrow shot into you. You just gotta hack off one end and push it back out or something. If it went straight through. But you see that? That right there, is a metaphor. A metaphor for how fucked up this shit is. How fucked up everything is right now. How bad shit is.


If I could use one finger for every time those smarmy shitlickers called Yui (If I got her name wrong, I'm a cut above those nutsacks because I at least tried to use her name. But I digress) some degratory comment, be it Pig, Sow, Bitch (FUCK YOU HATS), Livestock... A lot of it deals with piggies. Well, I'd need more fingers. And there is this unbelievably disturbing Adam/Eve/Rapist subtext, but it's the same level as the rapist vampire schtick. I don't know where I'm going with this but the "plot" is extremely faithful to the anime, which I am positive is faithful to the source material because in no fucking way can they make the anime even worse than the game.

So, the dialogue is more than blatantly abusive but the girl, what few lines she gets, is reluctant, to say in the least, and outright... what's that word? Defiant? Afraid? Not wanting them to pierce her supple skin with their fangs? But that one is a bunch of words. Something related to "not getting assaulted". This is the kind of crap you'd expect. It's 4/5 abuse, be it verbal or physical and 1/5 unpleasantness.

Actual, actual plot, is just reminding you how repulsive they are. And this emo vampire dropping in who might be stoned out of his mind. His eyes were like, 3 colors maaaaaan. But he was bleeding on his forearm, which I instantly assumed was some kinda emopire pandering. I am deathly afraid for Yui if she encounters him.

And I got some mad chills during this. This frightened me at some points, knowing that Yui couldn't run, couldn't fight back and no matter how much she resisted their sadistic, possessivev advances, would always be a blood farm to them.

Oh, and the Stinger. This is turning into a twisted version of Brocon, or Brothers Conflict with all the dudes and one chick living in one household, but if she turns out to be their sister through some sort of contrived plot device crap, then I will still watch the oncoming season. Ain't gonna lie, I will watch Diabolik Lovers More, Blood. No, really, that is the title.


It is quite good, I have to admit. The eyes are so... colorful. You could get lost in them if they weren't so filled with malice, hatred, sadism and a need to tap dat skin. The guys, I remember half of them. That shorty with the eldritch abomination that is stuffed in a teddy bear, Hat (Always calling Yui Bitch), the guy with the glasses who is a total dick, the first guy and I guess that's really it. Some scenes were turds but hey, you gotta put your funding somewhere.

Good hair too. And you can just... see the douche radiate off them. The smarmy assholey nature right of their bods; that right there, is quality animation.


I fucking swear, if I could stab the screen in their fucking faces everytime they said something and not damage the screen, the score would get inflated by 17 points. In every category. All that constant abuse? It's all verbal. The uncomfortable, pleading "No's" from Yui... My god it is so depressing. But it captures everything perfectly. It captures the douche, it captures their unlikable nature just like the animation. But fucking damn it all FUCK YOU HATS FUCK YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU FUCKING STAND FOR YOU FUCKING BASTARDLY FUCK


I got nothing. Said all I wanted to say at this point.


Man, fuck this OVA.

1/10 story
6.5/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Apr 26, 2015

My personal thoughts and feelings about this OVA are simple. I enjoyed it. You got to see the Mukami brothers also a little glimpse of the two new characters the Tsukinami brothers the founding brothers Carla and Shin. The OVA acted as a preview to the second season of the anime. You got to see who the Sakamaki Brothers react to their counterparts in the series.

Ayato & Ruki

Kanato & Azusa

Shū & Yūma (Reiji a bit as well)

Subaru & Kou (Laito a bit as well)


The OVA just glossed over what is to come during the second season of the anime. You will get interactions between the Sakamaki Brothers and the Mukami brothers. We will also get to see how Yui reacts to the Mukami Brothers.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Aug 13, 2015

What..are you people seeing the same thing I am? The animation is simply average. The fact that I can see their hair through their eyes is a huge turn-off for me, and the details are pretty basic.

Also, what the hell is even happening. Who the hell are those other vampires. Why the hell did the original series get dubbed? Who knows the answer to these questions!!

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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