Di Gi Charat Summer Special 2000

OVA (4 eps x 10 min)
3.318 out of 5 from 437 votes
Rank #10,534

While out on an errand for Gamers' store manager, Dejiko is blissfully unaware of the spaceship that lands nearby, and the strange girl that grabs onto her tail and follows her back to the shop. When they get back to Gamers, the girl reveals herself to be Pyoko – the leader of the Black Gema Gema Group that tried to invade the Di Gi Charat planet. However, after the Black Gema Gema failed in their mission they were forced to return home to Planet Analogue, where they lived in poverty. Now Pyoko has come up with the perfect moneymaking scheme; she’s going to kidnap Dejiko and hold her for ransom! Although she refuses to be kidnapped, Pyoko will do anything to get her revenge on Dejiko, even if it includes opening up a rival store right across the street...

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