Di Gi Charat Natsuyasumi Special

OVA (4 eps x 11 min)
3.293 out of 5 from 370 votes
Rank #8,900

On her way home, Puchiko fails to reach the signal on a bus driven by Mr. Violence and ends up stranded in America! When Dejiko receives a letter informing her that Puchiko is in the USA she immediately goes to get her, destroying the store in the process. Once the pair is finally reunited, Dejiko and Puchiko’s trouble continues as they have to suffer the company of their crazy and annoying Number One Fan as he follows their every move. Then, upon her return to Japan, Dejiko finds that with Gamers being rebuilt, life is rather dull. Luckily, she soon finds something else to occupy her time and decides to enter a rock contest to win her dream prize: a ten-year supply of nattou.

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