Detective Conan OVA 5: The Target is Kogoro! The Detective Boys' Secret Investigation

Alt title: Meitantei Conan OVA 5: Hyouteki wa Kogoro! Shounen Tanteidan Maruchichousa

OVA (1 ep x 23 min)
3.727 out of 5 from 1,521 votes
Rank #2,880

Conan and the Detective Boys have a new homework assignment: interview a local shop keep about their line of work and plans for the future, and then give a presentation to the class. Of course, the gang chooses none other than Detective Mouri; and after a series of off topic questions and answers, they decide to shadow Mouri and see what his job is all about. Of course, things don't go exactly according to plans - and now, Conan and friends must help Mouri solve a mystery involving a strange kidnapping!

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StoryI'm starting to think that each Detective Conan OVA is destined to become progressively worse. The first OVA was outstanding, the second was interesting, and from there on out they began to suck in various ways. Detective Conan: The Target is Kogoro! The Detective Boys' Secret Investigation (say that five times fast!) easily wins the award for the most boring, uninteresting Detective Conan OVA I've seen thus far. The first five minutes peg Detective Conan OVA 5 as being far more of a side story than a standalone feature. Sure, there's a mystery to be solved and bad guys to take down; but at only twentyish minutes in length, wasting a good six or seven on the gang interviewing Mouri, shadowing him, and watching his usual bumbling antics is not a good use of my time. After the shadowing takes place a bit of a plot is introduced with the usual generic villains, but at this point I became so bored that my attention span dropped dramatically.I'd argue that even die hard fans of Detective Conan would have a hard time watching Detective Conan OVA 5. Its story is uninteresting and feels more like a muddled episode than a standalone mystery. AnimationAs with every Detective Conan title, the animation is passable and perfectly fine, but not groundbreaking or breathtaking. In particular, this version of the OVA has far better colors and saturation than the first few renditions, and the quality shows. SoundThere's not much to say about the audio in any specific Detective Conan OVA; each has a borderline-cheesy soundtrack filled with jazzy tracks that help accentuate its story. While the audio serves as a decent complement to the investigations and deductions, it isn't memorable or spectacular.CharactersDetective Conan OVA 5's best feature would undoubtedly be the comedic value of watching Mouri make an ass out of himself time and time again (not knowing that Conan and the Detective Boys are watching his every move). Beyond that, however, little can be said besides "remarkably average" to describe the characters and their interactions. Like every other Detective Conan OVA, there is no back story or explanation into the personalities or roles of the characters. They act accordingly, but don't do anything remotely exciting. The villains are once again generic and uninteresting as well. OverallIf I had to choose one Detective Conan OVA to throw into a volcano, it would be Detective Conan OVA 5 (with 7 coming in as a close second). It screams average on every level, and should only be watched by truly die hard Detective Conan fans who want to see Mouri make an ass out of himself.


To a certain degree, I agreed with sothis' review about the relative quality of the fifth Conan OVA, The Target is Kogoro. But I'm not ready to label it as the worst. This for two reasons. First, I haven't gotten through all the OVAs in the series. In seven more viewings I'll be ready to pronounce my all time stinker-roo in Detective Conan history. The second is more basic. This OVA is pure fanservice to the manga company dealing with the Case Closed product. And so, we have built in limitations. Up to this point, the Conan OVAs do not deal in murder. This case deals in kidnapping. Elsewise, poor Ayumi (one reason why the Detective Boys should not be called the Detective Boys) would be a basket case due to all the gore of corpses lining the storyline. The plot centers on a school assignment. Study the workings of some store, shop, or business. The Detective Boys (c/ Ayumi and not to forget Ai) choose the Mori Detective Agency. The great detective (c/ a lot of help from Conan) Mori Kogoro resists, but ends up giving the kids a basic lesson on shadowing a suspect. In this case, the rich girlfriend of the kidnap victim. But sothis is correct. The on-going plot is too simplistic. Follow the girl. Save the girl from the kidnappers. Bag the bums, using the typical judo throw, high-speed soccer ball kick, and dirty tricks from the kids. No mystery to unravel, just follow the victim to the hide-out and let the forces of justice do its thing. The animation style does look more flat and subdued when compared to 16 Suspects and Vanishing Kid, OVAs 2 and 3 (I mentioned the rework of OVA #4 in my review of Magic Kaito Epi11). And so, it won't stand out as aunique piece or even an excellent piece. It had all the aspects of a quickly drawn piece to satisfy some manga mogul. So let's put this work in the backview mirror and race on through the remaining OVAs. And then the stinker-roo awards can get handed out. But maybe by then I will forget about The Target is Kogoro altogether. That would be nice too.

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