Detective Conan Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

Alt title: Meitantei Conan Movie 13: Shikkoku no Chaser

Movie (1 ep x 111 min)
4.356 out of 5 from 2,813 votes
Rank #336

Following a string of six murders, the police have set up a meeting with Kogorou and officers from various prefectures in order to solve the case. Afterwards, Conan realizes that the Black Corporation - who fed him the Apotoxin-4869 that turned him into a child - had infiltrated the meeting; he decides to investigate the murders himself and get closer to those who drugged him. After a chance meeting with Vermouth, Conan discovers that one of the murder victims was an undercover agent for the syndicate, and that a memory card containing a database of all their covert envoys is now in the murderer’s possession. Now Conan must discover the identity of the killer and retrieve the data before the corporation, as well as try to find out which officer is actually the disguised agent codenamed ‘Irish’. But with someone secretly investigating him, is Conan’s true identity about to be revealed?

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