Denno Coil

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In a futuristic world, the virtual world is merely a layer on top of reality; within it, cyberpets are abundant and information is plentiful, and it is only visible by wearing special cyberglasses. In Daikoku City, this cyberspace is behaving strangely: cyberpets are going missing, dark entities known as "the Illegal" roam obsolete space that shouldn’t exist, and a large pink antivirus program known as Satchii wanders the streets, attacking both virus and pets alike. Sixth grader Yuko Okonogi has just moved to Daikoku City, and after cyberdetective children help her rescue her lost dog, she soon joins the others in a search for the truth behind these strange occurances.

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vivafruit's avatar
vivafruit May 12, 2008
Score 5/10

There is a lot that could be said about the sheer brilliance of Denno Coil’s setting. The series makes heavy use of “augmented reality” and presents a world where the line between the cyber-world and reality is blurred to the point of being indistinguishable. Anyone who has seen Serial Experiments... read more

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VivisQueen Jan 23, 2011
Score 5/10

The problem with Denno Coil is that a handful of its episodes are great while the rest are dull as dishwater. Generally, I started an episode filled with dread about which it would be. Would it crawl through the meaningless misadventures of a side character in its blended world of virtual and objective reality, or would it deliver a brilliantly unnerving cyber battle full of disturbing imagery and heartrending... read more

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