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Sep 29, 2019

Demon Slayer was the hyped series of the season it aired in for one and only one reason: The colors were pretty. Ufotable was flexing in every episode and the result was a beautiful piece of work that envelops a mediocre shonen. If you seek anything other than cool animation, you won’t find something out of the ordinary. Sure, it may feel fresh because the main character is not a Naruto clone that constantly yells and wants to be the best in the world at something. There are no schools or academies or contemporary societies. But all that are surface level and don’t manage to change the completely simple plot and cast.

The characters are all defined by a single trait to the point of becoming caricatures. The protagonist for example is the definition of a boy scout. He is always being kind to everyone and wants to help out as much as he can. And that is all there is to him. His quest to cure his sister and avenge those who were killed by the monsters goes completely unnoticed because he was not affected by the tragedies he experienced and remained a vanilla boy scout.

The lead female has absolutely no personality besides being cute and emotionless. Without any depth to her character and by being brainwashed so she will forever be docile and obedient, she ends up being more of an object than a character. Not only that, she ends up being waifubait for the thirsty audience than a character you can care about or respect.

It can also get very annoying when the single trait of a character is presented in an over the top manner. Many viewers dropped the show when the scared stereotype named Zenitsu was introduced. The only thing this guy was doing was being obnoxious, loud, and terrified by everything and everyone. He completely shattered all sense of fear and seriousness the show was going for up until that point. Further damage was done by the introduction of the Pillars, as beyond their status as top demon hunters, they are cartoony when depicting the single trait that defines them.

Another problem is the very weak background stories. Nobody’s history can make you care more about them, partly because of how mundane it is, and partly because of how quickly it comes and goes. It’s especially laughable when it comes to the monsters, as their background stories are revealed to the audience literally a few seconds before they die. It’s impossible to care about any of them when there was no build up to their character.

Adding to the list of simplicity we have the battles. They have amazing choreography, but the way they play out is fairly typical and predictable. Most of them are won with the good guy losing, then remembering something out of nowhere that gives him resolve, and then using some fancy looking special effect that makes him win in a second. No amount of pretty colors can hide that simple fact.

Then there is a power system, a staple of most shonen, and despite being simple like every other element, they somehow managed to mess it up. It starts by telling you the only way to kill a demon is to decapitate him with a special sword. Then it proceeds to have demons that don’t die when you decapitate them, or that die with ways other than just decapitation. It takes real talent for managing to screw up something so simple.

And that brings us back to the actual main problem of the show. The only good thing about it is the cool animation, and even that could have been used better in a much more complex or nuanced show. There are lots of interesting themes, the atmosphere can be gripping, and the violence can get fairly graphical at several points. But because the characters have the complexity of the Smurfs, all that feel wasted because they are used in a by the numbers shonen that has nothing to offer beyond the barebones of a typical action adventure.

It’s like Kermit the Frog expecting from you to take him seriously as he talks about the meaning of life with that silly voice of his.

4/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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May 23, 2019

*This contains some talk of or reference to the manga, though it's still primarily a review of the anime.

If I could sum it all up into a very short version, I can say with confidence that it's your shounen story done damn right. I'm aware that people before me have said this about KnY before, but I'm saying it to iterate that it's true.

As the summary says, the story centers around a young boy named Tanjirou who loses his entire family... except his sister, Nezuko, who had turned into a demon. After finding out that the culprit is - in fact - a demon (not just any demon though), he trains under a man named Urokodaki to participate in the life-or-death Final Selection in order to earn a place in the Demon Slaying Corps to kill the demon that killed his family and turn his sister back into a human.

It sounds like a very typical shounen story. It is. So, what's so special about it?

Like I said, it's your shounen anime done right. It follows that typical, familiar shounen-esque storyline (and comedy), but the combination of characters, background, and pacing really come to enhance the story. And the story is realistic. Tanjirou was a normal protagonist, but he didn't just go poof! overnight to become an OP character killing demons left and right. No, he spent months training, shedding his blood, sweat, and tears, and the anime didn't bother to cut those scenes out. Not only does this make Tanjirou as a character more well-rounded, it also adds to the story as well. This shows Tanjirou's story of struggle and how it has shaped him to be who he is.

Also, this is a story with much anticipated action in it, but at the same time, it does have its fair share of emotional moments as well. It's a story that will get you thrilled for the action scenes but a little heart-wrenching or teary in the emotional scenes. And the way they execute these more emotional or sensitive scenes were done well, in general and in my opinion.

That said, the catch is that I feel the main plot of Tanjirou's adventures in the Demon Slaying Corps don't really start until around Episode 05 or so... I would give it some time to get to the main, main "dish". The exposition is important for Tanjirou's development and some background as well, but I would say not to expect to be blown out the window at the story presented at the first episode of the anime and to give it a chance by watching through several episodes first.

Oh, and also, this could be me, but I personally really like the setting. I think it's really cool to see the story take place in Taisho, an era where Japan is just beginning to Westernize, so you see people wearing a mix of traditional Japanese attire and Western clothing along with Western technology like high-rise buildings and telephone boxes in places like Asakusa.

I mean... it's ufotable, first of all. That should already say a lot about the animation, haha.

The art is really well-done and fleshed out. You can tell they really pay attention to detail (ie. in facial expressions) when bringing it over from the manga pages to the anime screen. I really found myself enjoying the action scenes, with what how the camera shot moved. It really enhances the viewing experience and - of course - the scene itself.

Attacks were spot-on and the animation on those attacks were nothing short of beautiful.

Really, this show is easy on the eyes with regards to animation. You could watch this just for the art and animation, if for nothing else.

First, the voices. I admit I was a little worried at first that we were going to have like Asta No. 2 or something, but thankfully my worries were unfounded in the end. Natsuki did a good job with portraying the battle scenes without coming off as annoying. With all the voices we've heard so far, I think everyone really nailed the character they were portraying nicely! (You may have noticed - Genya [the one who demanded for his sword] actually shares the same voice actor as Bakugou from BNHA! Those two characters are kinda similar in that they do seem to share that "rough along the edges but a bit insecure on the inside" personality. Needless to say, Nobuhiko's doing great〜) It sounds like everyone's enjoying themselves when acting, and I've got no major complaints; I look forward to hearing other characters!

The music was also quite memorable. Maybe it was the instrumentation, or maybe it was the timing, but the music did stand out to me more. That's a good thing! The music is nice to listen to, and it really fits the air and setting of the story as well. Kudos to the musicians!

Plus, they got LiSA to sing their songs. She's such a great singer! I fell in love with her voice after hearing her in Angel Beats!

I absolutely, positively love the characters in this show. I could talk a long time about characters, but I don't want to delve much into spoiler territory. Anyway-

First, Tanjirou is really well-rounded. He faced a tragic situation in which his family was slaughtered, but he's overall a compassionate character. He's kind-hearted, and he sympathizes with demons and humans alike. In this sense, this makes him (1) likeable and (2) relatable. Plus, it gives way to emotion as well. It really felt like his struggles were real in the anime, and Sabito and Makomo really pushed him to his limits as well, though they ultimately held good intentions. Speaking of which, even though Sabito and Makomo were minor characters, they had their role in the story and they sure did add emotion to the story as well!

I like how the characters are realistic. Tanjirou is strong in multiple senses of the word, yes, but he's not really OP. Nor did he get his strength overnight - it was over the course of a couple intense years of training in the mountains, where the air was very, very thin. The other characters seem just as resilient as well. Anyway, I did read the manga, and I can say that the protagonists (and most of the Pillars) are well-rounded, have gone through their share of tragedy, and have those quirks that give the story it that shounen-esque comedy, which may sometimes be a little bit cheesy or derpy but nonetheless just as charming.

While I think the protagonists are well-done, where I think this really stands out in this department is the antagonists. This is more like an execution thing, but when Muzan Kibutsuji appeared in the anime, it was really intense, and I loved it because it suits his character, which they didn't waste any time showing us: very powerful yet ruthless and cruel. But there are also the Twelve Demon Moons (a group of 12 of the most powerful demons [6 'Upper Moons' as the top 6 and 6 'Lower Moons' as the bottom 6] serving Muzan - I know at least the Upper Moons appear in the OP as silhouettes). As established with the flashback of the Hand Demon in Episode 04–05, every demon used to be human. They lived a human life before becoming a demon, and their humanity was taken away from them when they become a demon.

It's the exact same for these powerful, seemingly very inhumane demons. They were very much once human - and I did find myself feeling bad for most of them, one way or another, by the end. Not just any show or manga can do that. They may have a backstory for an antagonist, but it takes quite a bit for me to actually feel bad for them. In KnY, some of them, I really can't bring myself to hate by the end, and others I just feel outright bad for. Obviously, not every single demon insinuates these emotions inside of me, but a lot of them do, and those ones do a good job! You can tell that the author has put in thought about their backstory -- in other words, the antagonists are not mere story dolls to ramp up the action... though that's undeniably definitely part of it! But, they also have their history, their story, that has shaped them. (In fact, call me emotional, but a couple of them even made me shed some tears-)

So, I think, especially if you read the manga, you'll be surprised at how well-rounded these antagonists can come to be in KnY. And maybe, like me, you'll find yourself not really hating the villains in the end after reading their backstories. (:

8/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.1/10 overall
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May 16, 2019

At first glance, it might look like an another classic shonen story, well it is, but it's a damn good one. The first episode is predictable yet it does its job really well to set the world and characters, even if you don't like it, I suggest you watch a couple other episodes, here is why:


Story(spoilers for the 1st episode)

As previously mentionned, the story follows a classic shonen story, guy loses his family except for one sibling, but she becomes a demon, so he set out to get her back to human. Nothing revolutionary there, but it just feels right, it's not over the top, the character is not an heavy underdog, in the sense he's an average human except for his smell, the way the act feels realistic, they are relatable. Pacing, the pacing is amazing it gets right throught the point, you don't get any 5 episodes training montage, it's simple yet easy to understand, it never gets boring, there's is always a new element to the world building that raises question, or gets you pumped about. The main protagonist progress towards his goal while keeping the side stories engaging.


The animation is down right gorgeous, nothing to complain about, fighting scenes are awesome and you feel the intensity, but what puts it at a 10/10 for me is the japanese painting style water that trails the weapon during special moves by the character it is so beautiful.


Voices feel right, sound track for fights and opening/credits is great but not attack on titan level.


Well I already talked about them in the story section, but to summarize they are right where they should be simple, relatable, feels like humans in emotions department at least.

As you can see I am pumped by this anime, it as the potential to become one of my favorite all time shonen right next to hunterxhunter, give it a try it is definitly a highlights of this anime season.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.7/10 overall
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May 12, 2019

I honestly have to say this is a must watch. Give it a good 3 or 4 ep. If you don't like it by then, then it isn't for you.

In short, the main person lives in a world with man eating demons. There is a group called demon slayers because they are almost impossible to kill (the only way to kill them is with the sun or by a special sword). He finds out his all but one of his family members is killed by demons. His sister became a demon after the attack since she tasted some of the demon's blood. He became a demon slayer to help find a way to turn back his sister to human. Now they are a crime fighting duo that kills any demon that gets in their way, while trying to ask every demon how to turn her back to human.

I think one of the biggest problems I have with this is in the story itself. If the only way to kill the demons is by the sun or some special swords made with very exact things. How would the demon slayers even start since finding out about the exact rare materials needed to make the swords would've been about nearly impossible to start with. 

9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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Oct 5, 2019

Anime Review #10 - Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Slayer

[ Completed Anime on friday 19-10-04 ]

I don't usually like watching anime until all the episodes have been released since I like to binge watch shows lol, but I made an exception for this one since I heard a lot of good things about it. Plus the fact that it involves demons is also a positive in my book since I just love anything involving devils/demons, and it has 2 cute sibling main characters that aren’t incesty lol~ Aight so before we get into this review, just know that THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!! DON'T READ THIS IF YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THE ANIME!!! Ok ha now you can’t yell at me if you accidentally read a spoiler :p

Some episodes that I particularly enjoyed: 1, 3 (that ending though!), 12 (zenitsu is funny hehe), 14 (crackheads unite im loling this episode is funny hehe), 16 (tanjiro and inosuke working together so cute), 19 (perhaps tanjiro popped off here), 20, 24, 25, 26 (cutie babies going on a mission yay) 

The plot: A young boy named Tanjiro is orphaned when he comes home from town to find his whole family slaughtered by a demon. The only survivor is his younger sister, Nezuko, and Tanjiro rushes down the mountain to save her only to find out that she has become a demon.

Main Character Time!!! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

-Tanjiro: ADORABLE SUNSHINE BOY! your classic “i’ll never give up” type mc but he’s so cute and determined you just gotta love him. Wholesome hardworking boy who’s respectful of demons and humans alike and his main goal is to turn his sister into a human again. He fights with water-based style and forms but truly his best weapon is his headbutt cuz that dude got one hard ass head and he got a 5-head going on too which is #relatable. Also he’s basically the king of smells, he has a really good sense of smell where he can smell people's emotions and shit! ‘Hinokami Kagura’ is his hidden special ability that his father used (it’s like spicy fire magic woo fun!). Basically he’s the best boy, very wholesome kind hearted adorable stoopid cutie who we support and who deserves all the happiness in the world ever the end!!!!! <3<3

Nezuko: SHE IS BABY! (sorry i don't make the rules!) A very cute, wholesome girlie who deserves better! She put others needs before her own when she was a human and she didn’t deserve to be turned into a “monster” (though frankly i find her cute as a lil demon lol with her bamboo mussel<3)!!! She’s a quiet girlie and the queen of blood demon art! (This is a random comment but in japanese it sounds like she says ‘buckets’ in english for ‘exploding blood’ when she uses her blood demon thing lol). Weird comment but I thought I’d share. Anyway we stan nezuko sleeping beauty adorable wholesome too good for this cruel world angel!!!!

Other Characters I Enjoyed/Wanna Talk About!!!・:*:・゚☆

-Zenitsu: lol THIS DUDE!!!! at first he comes across as a useless crybaby scaredy cat type (cause that’s what they want you to think wink wink :p) but oop he has a lil something something hidden under all that scared crackhead energy! Even though he looks like burnt macaroni, this dude can actually fight but only when he’s .. asleep(?) lol he has special ~thunder~ powers that are lowkey OP as hell but when he wakes up he’s back to being a total spazz and doesn’t remember killing anything. Perhaps he’s a little weird but he’s also wholesome, and kind of a womanizer, but still i say we can respect this crackhead! His companion is a sparrow (Chantarou) instead of the usual crow which is flippin adorable and we stan a dynamic duo! Also he has a good sense for sounds, in contrast to Tanjiro’s good sense of smell, so they cover 2 out of the 5 senses right there honey! Very good lazy scared crackhead boy!

-Kasugaigarasu: Tanjiro’s talking crow guide thing lol he’s sassy and fun and since he’s an animal i automatically like him! Very good, much fun, we stan talking bird!

-Inosuke: BIG crackhead energy. BEST BOY! FAVORITE BOY! Lowkey at first i was like eh this guy is weird me no likey and then at the end of ep 13 or maybe the beginning of 14(?) when he’s fighting tanjiro and his boar head falls off i was like ‘YO BET HE’S ACTUALLY A GIRL!” and then Zenitsu said the same thing and i was like wait- did i just call that but no lol he just has a girly face but a muscular body which girls could still be ripped but like he got them boy nips soooo ehem. Yeah he’s just all about that fighting lifestyle and he uses serrated twin swords which are pretty cool like he really be into tearing bitches apart lol i vibes with it but he can’t lay hands on my girl Nezuko!! He comes off as mr scary boar man but really he’s a softie for validation and compliments and we stan a wholesome crackhead literally the best character in my opinion! I LOVE THIS MANS OKAY!<3 best boy best boy best boy! Best buy

-Giyu: MY KING! He’s an elite Hashira demon slayer who Tanjiro meets in the first episode. He really be out here killing demons so easily lol plus i love how Tanjiro and him have similar ‘water breathing’ skills because they trained under the same master :D LMAO also love how it took him a GOOD while to remember Tanjiro and Nezuko like we stan forgetfulness! He’s basically a stoic no nonsense type guy but really he be a softie deep down and we know that Tanjiro and crew are practically his children!!!!! He’s badass and cute at the same time, what's not to love! And he’s a man of few words too which we stan a quiet king!!! Good boy very good!

-Shinobu: Another big cutie! She’s a wholesome yet deadly Hashira demon slayer butterfly girlie who uses poison to kill demons instead of beheading. She looks all friendly on the outside but really she enjoys punishing those who deserve it (demons who kill humans). In the past she was more expressive and a bit brash, but after her older sister dies and tells her how much she loves her smile, Shinobu keeps smiling for her sister though her aura remains angry. She has the same lifeless dead fish eyes as Giyu which i kind of like lmao and i just find her oddly calming like she’s super graceful like a butterfly yet cut throat at the same time. WE STAN! Moshi moshi~!

-Kanao: Badass butterfly girl from the Final Selection thing. She started off as kind of cold due to her lack of expression, but really she just had a fucking traumatizing childhood which forced her to be unable to make decisions on her own and she flips a coin to decide whether or not to do certain things, but god dammit she’s so cute with her little butterfly clip and side pony and those lifeless purple eyes! fuck we stan! She has hella good reflexes too and helps Tanjiro and the others train and gosh i love her. She deserves lots of happiness and hugs!!!

-Muzan Kibutsuji: the main antagonist scary demon dude. Basically he’s the top dog who’s blood is so powerful that even when injected in small doses it can increase a lower demons abilities immensely. I quite like him even though he’s technically the villain lol i find him charming in a weird way though he’s sucky for killing Tanjiro’s family :/ I feel like once I read the manga I’ll be able to understand him more so I hold no judgement as of right now lol! He has a bunch of cool demonic abilities like shape shifting where he can mask his entire aura and appearance to become a different person like lowkey when he became a female at one point and slaughtered the lower Kizuki, i was like ok honey yessss queen work that smize!!! (I’m also one of those people who can’t help liking the villain but if he lays hands on any of my children I’ll pop off!)

Rating/Overall Thoughts!!♩♪♩

Overall I rate this anime a 9.5! It was super cute and enjoyable! The animation for backgrounds and stuff was cool too and some scenes had more of a 3d life-like vibe compared to the normal thick lined anime character style. All the characters are lowkey crackheads too so it was amusing to see since usually anime humor is stale or too forced, but this show was enjoyable it gave me a nice giggle and nose exhale at multiple times! Lol idk I just like it when shows aren’t so damn serious all the time and can have cracky moments that cut the tension. Maybe that’s a personal preference but whatever man this is my shitty review so leave me alone! Anyway, i gotta say the dynamics between Tanjiro being a nice boi crackhead, Zenitsu being a scared crackhead, and Inosuke being a wild crackhead are so funny i die i love them so much! And of course we can’t forget the wholesome baby Nezuko demon!<3 ahhh we love!

Basically the moral of the story, as is for most human vs supernatural creature anime, is that demons have human emotions too (ex, Rui spider boy just wanted to experience a true familial bond after he mistakenly broke his with his parents). Demons shouldn’t be butchered because they became ‘monsters’ with an acquired taste for human flesh. The only true demon to blame is Muzan, the original demon and the creator of all demons. Most of his created demons kill for necessity or out of fear that the one who created them will disown them/destroy them. Though killing humans is a big no no, the created demons should get some kind of redemption arc since they were all once human too and know what it was like. Just like Tanjiro says in ep 21 ‘they’re tragic creatures.’ ...hmm, where have I heard something like that before? lol :P Anyway if they wanted to reach some kind of human x demon world of equality, the demons could all just live like Tomako and Yushiro or like Nezuko (if possible) so the desire to prey on humans will disappear. But ya know drama and angst is cool too lol! Slaughter the humans! Down with the patriarchy! GRrrrr!

But anyway to sum up this mess of a review, I 10/10 recommend Kimetsu no Yaiba if you like “good” vs “evil” dynamic + a main character who is almost ‘stuck between both worlds’ and whose main goal is to reach equality and cohabitation for both sides (humans and demons). This anime has a really intriguing plot filled with lovable crackhead characters so if you want an anime with an actual plot and realistic characters, then here you go! A group of teenage crackheads who fight demons!!! 10/10 content right there honey~~ :-) ….Also another summary of this review could be “OP struggling to spell ‘Tanjiro’ for 5 minutes straight” is it Tanjiro or Tanjiero or Tanjirou idk man :p

ALSO!!!! Kimestu no Yaiba movie (Mugen Ressha-hen) was announced based on the Infinite Train arc so I’m very excited to see it when it’s released~~~

that's all folks :-)


10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall