Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Swordsmith Village Arc

Alt title: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Katanakaji no Sato-hen

TV (11 eps)
4.415 out of 5 from 13,320 votes
Rank #56

For the first time in over 100 years, the upper ranks of Muzan Kibutsuji’s Twelve Kizuki are not full. Angered, Muzan dispatches the survivors on another mission. Elsewhere, Tanjiro journeys to a village of swordsmiths and has to explain how his sword was so badly damaged to Haganezuka, the smith who made it. While Tanjiro waits for his sword to be repaired, enemies close in…

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Demon Slayer is probably the most consistent Anime out there in terms of quality, but it shouldn't blow you away. Nothing about it is revolutionary. But it's an extremely safe pick, as despite the unoriginality, the execution remains great throughout the story. This is EXACTLY what a lot of Anime fans want. A simple Anime with very good animation and artstyle. It's not much to ask for actually. Most major animation Studios could pull something like this off consistently, but for whatever reason many of them either fall short in the animation department (when that's literally their job lol), or the Studios animate totally pointless and terribly-written material. In this season specifically, there's one or two anime which stand out for their good artstyles, but extremely mind-numbing stories. Guess which I'm referring to! I wish Demon Slayer influenced the baseline standards in the Anime industry. Things don't have to be overly complicated to be good. Demon Slayer is proof of that. For a Shounen Anime, this really exceeds the current standards, and it's a fact that Demon Slayer was a very profitable IP so far. Now imagine these animations, but paired with an actually unique and above-average story. Everyone would be losing their minds, and such an Anime could probably become more popular than the Bible! So, there is some unspent potential with this Anime, but you'd have to be very ungrateful to complain despite seeing these visuals! I like the story, but holy **** how much I love the way everything looks! 5/10 Story, 10/10 Animation, 7/10 Characters, 8/10 Overall. Few extra comments:  I feel like stuff is getting a little bit stale with these demons, and how often there's someone there to help at the exact second they are needed, I'm almost getting Fairy Tail vibes, but obviously that's not necessarily bad. At least not in this case. The action-packed story goes very well with the great animation and artstyles. That's more than enough to satisfy me, but if you choose to look beyond the animation then yeah you might not like things as much. I'm also really happy that the humour has gotten a bit better from the Entertainment District Arc. Back then it felt more like some 'filler within canon' kinda shit where through having very few fillers in the Show, they tried sneaking a few in DURING the actual fighting. Which in my opinion kinda ruined the mood, tension and pacing of a few moments throughout the Arc. It's not a big deal, but it's what bothered me the most in Demon Slayer so far. Which obviously is pretty good.


so season 3 is now over and it was for better or worse another season of demon slayer. if you liked the previous itterations then nothings changed the fighjts are still good, animation is great sounds is nice and crisp, story is.... sparce and kind of weak and tanjiro wont shut the fuck up in fights. but if you are really tired of the incessant flashbacks,marvel like immersion breaking jokes mid combat and personally some weird word choices that maybe were a translation issue or at least i thought they didnt make sense, then maybe stay away. you shouldnt feel forced to watch just because its popular even this far in. I wont do a longer reviewj ust a pros and cons of this season. PROS: again actions is great and essentially nonstop, maybe because other shows didnt have as much that im fixating on it. also double barrel shotgon need more of that. try dodging or parrying 6 balls of metal flying half the speed of sound and it should stay that way. CONS: way to many flashbacks that last WAY to long and teh preivously mentioned,tension breaking jokes, tanjiro contiually talkling nonsense and the big one an extreme lack of consequences. They did make progression of the story albiet in a very out of left field Mcguffin kind of way that almost felt like an amazing scene unfolding only to be squanderd by poor foresight and planning.  Personally i think demon slayer is a fine baseline that isnt as annoying as other popular shounen but also not great either.    im sure many will disagree with me most whove lasted this long are either all or nothing on the show so spliting the baby usually isnt the best place to sit.  Regardless if do watch it i hope you do enjoy thats all from me thanks fior the read and have a good one!


****Yes there will be spoilers in this review**** I'll start with the good and then share my gripes. As always the action scenes are amazing. The animators are talented. Whatever they are paying them, they need to double it. The mild humor in this particular section/arc was much better. Sometimes the boar and lightning guys go overboard with the yelling and wannabe-humor. This arc had a nice balance. I also found the side characters' back stories much better in this arc. Not too long, not too short. They were also meaningful and added depth and relatability to the characters. I loved Mitsuri's shape shifting sword. God d@mn, that sword is cool.  The ending was also good to see. I'm glad Tanjirou wasn't out cold and finally recieved a little recognition.  Now for my minor gripes: The plot is decent in this arc- though the overall anime doesn't seem to be moving too much. It feels like the demon slayers are always waiting for the demons to make their moves before doing anything.  Nezuko already had crazy strong powers before without consuming anyone, but now Nezuko is a "daywalker?" A few too many coincidences for me. The sawed-off shotgun-looking gun felt out of place. It also has pretty much no recoil and can apparently take off a demon's head with one shot. In my opinion, if you're going to have guns in the anime, give everyone a gun. Hell, give the vulnerable citizens a gun to even the odds against the constant threat of demons.  The water barrier scene was also completely unrealistic. A blade can't get through the barrier, but air bubbles can? And the air bubbles go right into the demon slayer's mouth? Come on now… but I will swallow my logical berating on this one as well.  The main issue I had with this arc: The growing complexity of the kill conditions. I get it, the fights have to be interesting and difficult. I also get that the demon slayer has to be at a certain strength level to be able to cut the necks of super strong demons, but let's face it the killing conditions have now become downright ridiculous. Hear me out: It all started in the train arc which, despite the sad ending, was my favorite arc. The train sleep-demon had about 3 cool and strong strong abilities. But then, after getting his neck sliced, he simply turned his body into the train and was able to regenerate his neck at an alarming rate. That was a little annoying, but it wasn't too bad. Next, in the entertainment arc, after fighting the regenerating cloth below the earth, and defeating the whore demon above the earth, we find out that a whole other demon (who has his own set of even stronger abilities) was connected to the whore lady the whole time. Now his neck has to be sliced simultaneously with the whore demon?!?! Just slicing one was insanely difficult. This condition was beyond ridiculous in my opinion.  ….On a side note, the whore demon and her crazed-protector guy mentioned how many high-level demon slayers they've managed to kill (over 20 combined), but everyone was somehow still surprised when one high-level demon slayer was killed in the train arc? Another Inconsistency. But Anyway…. In this swordsmith arc, after slicing the neck of one high level demon, that demon divides into 4 different unique-fighting forms which all have regenerative healing. Then, after the good guys barely manage to slice all 4 "simultaneously," a 5th is revealed?!?! This is when it started to really get under my skin. Are you kidding me? This is becoming extremely annoying. This 5th demon simply runs away, giving the other 4 a chance to recover. But that's not all; now all 4 demon bodies merge to form 1 super strong demon body. Then, the 5th gets to run away while the strong demon wreaks havoc. Next, after slicing the head of  the 5th demon (the real body), he's still alive, running in what appears to be brighter sunlight than what hit Nezuko. Apparently this is because his head was where his heart should have been. I mean, when does it end?  At this point, I'm almost expecting the next "kill condition" to be: 1 high level demon, after getting its neck sliced off, splits into 6 separate super strong demons, all with unique powers. Then, all 6 have to get their hearts cut out, their heads sliced off and all their toenails ripped out all at the same time. If not, they're back to full health. Hahaha, I mean WHEN DOES IT END? Seriously. And keep in mind, our friendly neighborhood demon slayers have no regenerative powers. One good hit or cut could spell disaster for them.  In conclusion, this arc from Demon Slayer was above average. It manages to squeeze out a 7/10 due to the improvements to the humor, characters, and backstories. It's just getting a little TOO far out there for me with the kill conditions and the other minor details I mentioned above.

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