Demon Lord, Retry!

Alt title: Maou-sama, Retry!

TV (12 eps)
3.662 out of 5 from 9,875 votes
Rank #3,556

On the night of his favorite game’s shutdown, Akira Oono awakens in the body of his online character: Demon Lord Hakuto Kunai. He’s not the most confident guy ever, and he’s traveling with an injured young girl. But with powerful game mechanics and abilities on his side, this gamer turned badass plots his course through a diverse new world filled with saints, demons, and charming companions!

Source: Funimation 

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I just got done watching all 12 EP. This show seems more like a parody of normal isekai shows.   It seems like a mix of overlord, slime, and a few others. If you take it seriously, then you most likely won't like it IMO. Like the show has an identity crisis, and this is what kills it. Story: The story is very generic. It follows the overlord theme where some OP gets summon to a world, makes the world better to take it over, and they are aiming to get home. How it goes about it is iffy until about the tail end. In fact, the last episode caught my attention, but before then it was more of a miss than hit. Characters: This is what makes it feel like a complete joke. None of them have any depth. They all can be summed up in 1 or 2 lines talking about them.  Another thing is all the underage or near underage women and and 1 adult women wants to sleep with the main character. Because of this, you will get 10 min or so of screen time of them wanting to touch him, them trying to, and some insulting him. To be honest, if they made this into a full on parody, then this might be good. But at a given point these character flaws and lack of depth kills the show for me. Sound and animation: The animation isn't the worst I seen, but it isn't far from it. I tend to overlook much of this since they might of not had the budget or whatever, but for the first number of shows it's very very very noticeable. The sound isn't good or bad.  With all this being said, I will watch another season IF it comes out and IF I'm not too busy. But, I'm not going to be asking for it.

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