Demon City Shinjuku

Alt title: Makai Toshi Shinjuku

OVA (1 ep x 80 min)
3.087 out of 5 from 1,827 votes
Rank #14,507

Years ago, a great unholy rift opened in the center of Tokyo, turning Shinjuku into a demon-infested slum. At that time, a great warrior fought their leader, but was defeated. Now, the unholy forces reach out, targeting the one man who can bring peace to the war-torn world... a young boy must now do what his father could not--defeat the evil that lives inside Demon City Shinjuku!

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This movie was so horrible it was funny. Perhaps to some people that may make it worth the watch... but to me, I felt like I wasted my time. From the very outset when I heard the lame 80's theme song and saw the intro fight scene. I knew this movie was not going to be for me. However, because I had started it and it was only movie length I decided to continue watching to the end. The first thing you need to realize when you decide to watch this show is that it doesn't give out many answers or reasons for characters, events or other things happening within the show and the ones it does give out are insultingly stupid. -------SPOILERS Below this line ------- A good example of this is at the very beginning of the movie. The Main character's father is killed fighting a bad guy to protect the world. After struggling in vain, he dies because his blue energy is not as strong as the bad guy's red energy. So now after some random events and weird explinations that really make no sense The child of the fallen man finds his father's wooden sword left behind in the demon city and it sopposedly contains his fathers monstrous amount of power... which apparently gives him such a boost that he is able to get rid of the band guy with no issue at all with just one flashy move. The problem with this is that if his father had that much power to begin with, why did he not use it? It makes no sense what so ever. The only thing that you could use as a excuse for this is... that if he used the power then he would have beat the bad guy and then the movie would be over 5 min. after it started. It is sad but there are plenty more examples of this type of unjustifyable logic in this small 1 episode movie.   ------------------End of SPOILER --------------- The story is insultingly stupid and cliche the only reason why it didn't recieve my first ever rating of 1, is because it was created in the 80's and I feel I have to take into account that what I find stupid, rediculous, and cliche now, may have been considered good and even a bit unique back in that day. Honestly since I have not watched many 80's anime so I have very little to line it up against and compare. It is for this reason alone that this catagory recieved a 3.5. The animation bumped up this movie's score considerably. I might have even gone a bit too low as far as the number it deserved in this catagory. However, for me, no matter how beautifully you animate a garbage show... it is still a garbage show. The reason this catagory recieved a relitively high mark is because the animation was fluid and the fight scenes were done pretty well for when the anime was made.  The sound is bad. I mean really bad. The songs are horrible... maybe they were cool in the 80's but seeing as how I hate 80's rock, I couldn't like them at all. The Voice acting was pretty bad. I guess if I was to elaborate further, the characters voices would vary from complete trash to not so good. The only decent Voice in the whole show was the female lead. The rest were on different levels of bad for different reasons which I'll get into when I discuss the characters. The anime's action and movement sounds were very similar to how most older anime do their sounds. Although they sound bad compared to what is available now adays. They were pretty much the standard for back then. I soppose I could make more consessions in the sound catagory for the movie's age but I won't. Now lets talk about the characters. In a effort to not rant about everything that annoyed me, I am going to only talk about a couple characters and only bring up a couple of my most pressing annoyances with them. Ebi Ra - I may be butchering the main antagonist's name but that's how I heard it when it was said. I didn't find his character here on A-P so I couldn't correct my spelling. Anyways, this guy's tone of voice and evil laugh is so generic and over done that it's at times almost comical. Most Villans that I like as villans are ones that I can connect with in some way. This guy had NOTHING to his character save that he was once a student of Master Rai and that he is trying to bring demons over to the real world in exchange for power. We know nothing about his personality or why he is the way he is.  Boy - a sidekick of sorts the main characters find in the demon city. He is a short mexican man on powered roller skates. Everything about where he lives, what he looks like, how he talks and his personality makes him a waking mexican stereotype. I'm surprised nobody else seems to have anything to say about this. He is a likable character in some respects so it's a shame that they did this to him. Sayaka - The main girl... she looks to be an adult but she is more innocent and naive than a small child. Her voice acting is done decently. I dislike her as a character but she is probably by far the best character in this story unfortunately.  Kyoya - The main guy - he is very annoying. His voice acting is horrible and the things he says to try to look like a bad*ss are really stupid. He continually swears at unimportant parts throughout the anime for no good reason like a over rebelious teenager who thinks swearing makes them "cool".  Mephisto - Random observer with no motive acts as though he is a higher being and plays the part of the mysterious guy... but you find out nothing about him the whole movie so I think his sole purpose in the anime is only to stand there and look cool (in the creators eyes anyway) and to help Sayaka in the final fight from falling while the Kyoya is busy with the bad guy. Otherwise the only other notable thing he does is watch things unfold most of the time silently and one time fights a really messed up looking demon lady for no good reason because he has sopposedly no allegiance to anyone. Overall - I wouldn't watch this anime unless you like to watch horrible shows for the comedic value. Otherwise you will be disappointed.

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