Deltora Quest

TV (65 eps)
2007 - 2008
Winter 2007
3.071 out of 5 from 1,314 votes
Rank #4,896

In times long past, the Shadow Lord was defeated by the Belt of Deltora, and its creator Adeen united the seven tribes into one kingdom called Deltora. The Shadow Lord bid his time, striking again generations later; he destroyed the belt and scattered the gems, thus leaving the land open to be easily subjugated. Now, in the present day, a young man named Lief does what he can to fight the forces of the Shadow Lord. On his 16th birthday, Lief's father confesses to being the last king of Deltora’s friend, and has reforged the sacred belt. With new hope, Lief takes it upon himself to find the gems, restore the belt, and to bring hope to the people of Deltora once more! Together with Barda, an ex-palace guard, Lief sets out on an adventure of a lifetime!

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The Adventure Begins image

Episode 1

The Adventure Begins

Jasmine, Girl of the Forests image

Episode 2

Jasmine, Girl of the Forests

The Golden Knight image

Episode 3

The Golden Knight

The Enigmatic Giant image

Episode 4

The Enigmatic Giant

Nij and Doj’s Trap image

Episode 5

Nij and Doj’s Trap

The Monster in the Lake of Tears image

Episode 6

The Monster in the Lake of Tears

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Episode 7

Sorceress Thaegan

Tom’s Curious Shop image

Episode 8

Tom’s Curious Shop

Noradz the Clean image

Episode 9

Noradz the Clean

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Episode 10


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Episode 11

Cross the River

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Episode 12

The King of the Rats

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keero16's avatar
keero16 Jun 15, 2011
Score 7/10

Deltora Quest is normally considered a poor anime that is just a typical adventure series about travelling around a world that is now ruled by a great evil. To save the world, Lief, Barda and Jasmine must collect gems for the mystical Belt of Deltora. This sounds cliche, and most of the anime is cliche. However, I found this anime to be more enjoyable than most people think. It's best to watch with other... read more

KiyokoNee's avatar
KiyokoNee Apr 24, 2014
Score 8/10

Considering how I rate this on my list, this may look a bit odd - how the scores are not much more than average. The reason for that is simple: based on how I viewed the books I had grown up with, I saw a perfect medium with which to visualize the words I had so often read at home. Because I know others who have read the series, some parts didn't seem as out of place as they might've if I had only seen the... read more

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