Death Note Rewrite 1: Visions of a God

Alt title: Death Note Rewrite 1: Genshi Suru Kami

TV Special (1 ep x 130 min)
3.912 out of 5 from 11,708 votes
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Yagami Light is an unusually bright high school student who has found himself disillusioned and bored with both life and the world. When he stumbles upon a strange book entitled Death Note, however, this all changes. In an attempt to purge the world of evil, he uses the book's powers to claim the lives of criminals and establish himself as a god. Not long after his quest begins, though, he finds himself confronted by a man calling himself "L" who vows to put an end to Light's reign of tyranny before it can begin. With two genius intellects at odds, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, and with it can be only one winner - who will prevail?

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StoryDisclaimer: Death Note - The Visualizing God completely spoils the series, so if you have yet to see it do not watch this movie!Without a doubt, Death Note was one of the few anime series that truly captivated me.  The intensity, the drama, with which it teems is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and despite not ending the way I would have liked (I'm not bitter anymore, I swear!), it still ended quite poignantly.  The events afterward, however, especially regarding Light's fate, are left rather blithe with detail, and that's where The Visualizing God comes into play.  Despite being largely a recap of the Light vs. L saga of Death Note, it does throw in a few extra scenes that further develop their tenuous "relationship" with one another.  Most importantly, though, it fills in the gaps the series leaves following the closure of the saga, and provides for an "Oh, so that is how it ended!" feeling.  You'll probably notice I'm being purposefully vague here out of respect for my readers who have yet to see the series, but those who have seen it should know what I'm talking about.Unlike most recap movies that tend to defile the splendor of their original storylines (Rahxephon and Escaflowne are two examples off the top of my head), The Visualizing God stays true to its source material to the tee, and completely forgoes any sort of perversion just for the sake of new viewing content.  Unfortunately, out of necessity for time, its pacing does little to really capture much of the characters, and tends to jump from important scene to important scene without providing much lead-in to the scenes.  Even so, for those who have seen the series it manages to be quite coherent, even if it requires pausing briefly a few times to recall certain details.  If anything, think of the movie as Death Note Fast Forward, since it's pretty much like watching a movie played at three times speed.AnimationSince The Visualizing God takes a majority of its animation directly from Death Note, I really can't fault any points here - it's truly epic.  The new scenes are equally as gorgeous and riddled with flawless cinematography as their predecessors, so there are no obvious rifts between new and old.  Again, as with the series, the visuals carry the emotional weight needed for a suspense-thriller such as this to truly gravitate its audience toward it - as even with the time constraints you can still feel the angst teeming from your screen.  It probably doesn't hurt, either, that its use of color and lighting provide for an absolutely beautiful visual setting irrespective of its actual content; this stuff is eye candy at its finest.SoundAgain, as with the animation, just about everything is recycled (and thus top-notch in quality.)  Ryuk does narrate events quite often, though, and his seiyuu does a fabulous job, especially with his ending lines.  This definitely helps at refreshing a dull memory, so I've certainly no complaints.CharactersCharacter development, unfortunately, was rather stale - little more is tacked on to provide additional depth other than the alternative ending sequence.  Most of the movie is simply a compilation of Light's and L's tensest moments, and thus precious little time is spent actually fleshing them out.  Given that the movie expects the viewer to have already seen Death Note, however, this isn't all that bad, as it removes the fluff and gives the viewer a second dose of the best portions of the drama.  Having been some nine odd months or so since I finished the series, though, it was an entertaining highlight of the characters in their finest moments and surfaced a lot of good memories regarding them.If anything noteworthy, the last few minutes do an excellent job at providing some final closure to the epic, as though Death Note concluded quite resolutely, it just seemed to trail off into a blank at the end.  Above all, Light's character is wrapped up perfectly, and for those who happened to be rooting for him, it's certainly a satisfying end.OverallYeah, it's chock full of all that Death Note splendor, but The Visualizing God simply lacks sufficient new content for me to warrant it as superb as the series.  Aside from the last five minutes of the movie, everything is taken directly from the series, and I was honestly hoping the "alternate ending" it promised would have been given a little more time.  Even so, given that the movie picks and chooses the best moments of the series and compacts them all into an enjoyable two hours of airtime, I can't really complain too much.  If you have yet to see Death Note stay the hell away from this and go watch it first, but otherwise give this movie a go a few months after you finish the series - you really can't go wrong in doing so.


There are no spoilers included in this review. This movie is a summary of the first 25 episodes (out of 37) of the original Death Note anime. In the original Death Note series you see things mainly through Light Yagami, in this movie it said that it would be seen through a different character, Ryuk. This is false. It is basically the first 25 episodes of the original series bunched together into two hours. There was also parts in this movie that were drastically changed from the original series. This made no sense to me and wasn't needed, they could have kept it the same as the original series so I'm not sure why these parts were changed (it honestly made things confusing). Since it was only two hours there was also a lot of information that was left out so you only got some main points of the story. I believe that this movie could have been done much better if it was really seen through the eyes of Ryuk like the movie description claims it was. I would have liked to seen only what Ryuk saw and what he thought as the story progressed (more so than the original series showed). The main reason I watched this movie was because I love Death Note and, even though this movie could have been better, I will watch the second rewrite as well even though I now have low expectations because of this movie. So, if you really love Death Note I would reccomend this movie so you can at least say that you saw the movie. To those that have not seen the original Death Note series or have not read the Death Note manga, I highly suggest that you do so before watching this movie. It is not required that you do as this movie does a fairly good job at recreating the series minus the few big bumps that were changed from the original series; but watching or reading the original series will show you what really happened and would give you a much better understanding of the story. I think that the only reason I was able to follow this movie as well as I did was because I had seen the original series and had read the manga so I knew what parts that the movie left out, and what parts were changed or added. With all of this said, I still loved all of the characters. None of their personalities or any aspects of the characters were changed; they were all the same as the original series. The sound on the other hand, wasn't that great. It could have been balanced just a bit better. There were a few scenes that got rather loud. The animation was the same as the original series though it was a bit shaky in spots.

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