Day Break Illusion: il sole penetra le illusioni

Alt title: Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou

TV (13 eps)
2.837 out of 5 from 1,810 votes
Rank #6,033

Akari has always known two things: she’s a skilled fortune teller, and she has an uncanny knack for growing huge, healthy plants. But after experiencing a traumatic tragedy the girl soon discovers the true horror of the world: there exist evil spirits known as Daemonia that infect people’s hearts and grant their hosts wishes in exchange for a contract. After the wish is fulfilled, the human is turned into a murderous monster, and only Sephiro Fiore, a group of girls who wield the powers of the Elemental Tarot, can put a stop to them. As the bearer of the Sun card, Akari must join Sephiro Fiore and help take down those possessed by Daemonia, no matter the cost.

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AngelBeatsYui's avatar
AngelBeatsYui Jul 22, 2014
Score 6.3/10

Warning this review may contain spoilers-
Another amazing review for you all to read...lucky you. This time it is for the dark magic girl anime Daybreak Illusion, this anime is a dark version of your typical Magic Girl show and was displayed quite well. It is based around a girl called Akari who's mother died (I think) and has been living with her aunt and uncle, also she works as a fortune teller... read more

AnnaSartin's avatar
AnnaSartin Dec 12, 2017
Score 4/10

This show wasn't great and it wasn't horrible. It was forgettably average, which is a shame because a lot of the plot elements were interesting and deserved further exploration. - Things I liked - The four main character Each of the four girls had her own backstory and personal motivations. We had a chance to get to know each of them and understand what makes them tick. They got genuine character... read more

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