Date a Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement

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The movie captures some of the better highlights of the Date a Live anime and sticks it into 70 mins of content. The start is a bit questionable but brings us to what the anime capitalizes on, dates! All 6 spirits are present and most of the cast makes an appearance in some form or another. The dates are funny, cute, charming, and represent each spirit's personality well. These dates take up about 80% of the movie. The other aspect that comes to mind with Date a Live is combat which makes up most of the remainder in what is some pretty epic, but short action. The 2 large flaws with the movie is in the neglect for one of the more popular characters in the anime world due to her unique colors/looks/ability, yep it is Kurumi. She gets only a few words in and phase shifts in and out a few times. This is quite dissapointing and neglects the fans by at best teasing them with what is arguebly the most iconic character to Date a Live The other character we don't see much involvement of past also phase shifting is Mayuri, who the movie was named after. Since it is a new character there isn't any connection to her not having much presence, but becomes problematic when the movie is named after her. Overall a pretty epic feeling movie that didn't stray away from the anime, concept wise, and incorporated most, but not all (looking at your lack of presence, Kurumi) of its best aspects. It felt a bit rushed though on the dates and combat. Also, it is sad to think that this is most likely we will see from Date a Live in anime form :< , it could do so much more


I recently watched Date a Live: Mayuri Judgement and I thought I would write a review about it. Without further ado let's get started! • Minor Spoilers •  Date a Live has to be one of my favorite anime, and my first ever ecchi anime. And of course, once I learned it had a movie I rushed to watch it, and I'll have to say that I wasn't disappointed.  ~ Story & Plot ~   In my opinion the story was...okay. It wasn't the best story that ever existed, but it was neither the worst thing story ever created in the anime industry. It was on the average side. The story was pretty simple, and I like it for that. Personally, I would have to say the ending was a total letdown, I feel as though they could've done so much more with it. If it wasn't for the ending, and some parts I disliked I would give it a 10, but I feel as though it deserved a 7.  ~ Animation and Art ~   Like the previous series/prequels, the art and animation was superb. The animation was incredible in my opinion, and it fit the anime like all anime should. The art was amazing, but I am not a fan of super sparkly art, so this in my opinion deserved an 8.  ~ Sound and Music ~   I guess the music was okay. It wasn't really memorable, since most of the time I couldn't hear it, but I really loved the music that played during Yoshino's date. Sound, as in voice actors and actresses was great, since I like all the seiyuus involved. Each seiyuu's voice fit their character every time. I'll give sound and music an 8.  ~ Characters ~   I loved all the characters! Each character was memorable, and unique. While, at first glance the characters are just simple character types ( For example, Tohka - Main Girl, Yoshino - Cute Loli, Kotori - Imouto, etc ), but once you look past that they are more then just simple stereotypes. But, Mayuri could have had a lot more character development, but despite that all the characters and character development were great! I think I'll have give “ characters ” a 9.  ~ Overall ~   Overall, in my opinion, Date a Live: Mayuri Judgement was a good anime.... err movie! I enjoyed it to the end! I wish it could've have been longer though. Everything came together in the end, and made the movie complete ( well, except the ending xD ). I feel as though Date a Live: Mayuri Judgement deserves an 8! ••••• Thanks for reading my review! I hope it helps you if you are deciding to watch Date a Live: Mayuri Judgement! Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments, and since this is my first review feel free to critique! •••••


I really know how interesting “Date A Live” was. Truly, it’s definitely a unique anime to come at first. It uses the concept of a dating-like simulator as its main concept and blends it into a “save the world” theme. The main character has to deal with all kinds of heroines, risk what they are, develop strategies to be able to conquer them, and romance (and a harem of course). But instead have to go on from season one to two, why do we worry with this movie? What’s the point instead of separating this movie from season two? Do directors and writers have other choices in drawing back the attention of this movie? What if using the same format that’s not much different from the main series? Well, here it’s “Date A Live The Movie: Mayuri Judgment”. Date, a simple word, especially singles hate this word. But, it doesn’t mean that the world itself has only one meaning. This simple thing can be a center of attention from the main concept of this series. But, it becomes worse. In a duration of approximately one hour, Shidou must go on six dates from each heroine he has conquered within 40 minutes. It’s just a memorable movie or even a movie anime in general. The movie doesn’t stand as a movie in general. There is nothing special but I could say, the plot takes you constantly so you don’t stand up to it. It’s about dating and coming, talking, but suddenly, what is that? What’s there? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Mayuri. Now, who is Mayuri? I don’t know! Her character has never been touched upon from the start and her presence immediately shown up during the climax battle. No explanation, but I hope this character should be presented again in the next season to see her fate must end like that. It seems it doesn’t. Regardless of not much that can be talked about on her own character, there was nothing else matters. Apparently, there isn’t any development in this movie either Shidou himself or even Mayuri. I don’t even know why Mayuri is a matter. The relationship between the main character and the rest of all heroines are just the same as the previous series. The characters are everything in this show. They are very interesting especially the chemistry between Shidou and all heroines. While the first and second season tells them one by one, this movie doesn’t really change anything; except Miku for the after-story. Mayuri isn’t really the point while indeed this movie focuses on herself. It’s just a hint that acts like a stalker following Shidou everywhere and after Shidou realizes it, be a plausible and weak plot. The sound and art still are the best, especially this is also a theatrical movie. Production IMS still keeps some high quality, especially the voice acting. Sora Amamiya is pretty good by the way as Mayuri but isn’t given enough roles as the lead character of this film. The 3D graphics are out of the box and it seems like they seem to be trying something new. However, their execution failed so that it just seems odd. The background, nothing special. Just Production IMS still stick with its distinctive style. Actually, there isn’t much we can be discussed in this series apart, this is a stand out from season two. Why do they have to separate them? Whether it’s a problem, no matter this movie seems to stick with its unique concept but still used generic format. “Mayuri Judgment” is a pretty disappointing average movie if it’s still related to the series. It doesn’t really push anything from its character but it’s still one that’s failed. Not that bad as well. It’s a fine movie from its prequel.

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