Darkside Blues

Movie (1 ep x 85 min)
2.523 out of 5 from 968 votes
Rank #7,095

In a world dominated by the ultimate family corporation, a man arrives by unusual means in the worst part of the worst city in the world: Tokyo Darkside. His origin is uncertain, his powers unknown, and his motivations obscure. We know only that his purpose is ‘renewal’. Of what? Or whom? This complex and highly symbolic movie will appeal to any who enjoys trying puzzle understanding from fragments. The fights are spectacular, and it does make sense… eventually.

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casandra29 Jan 28, 2016
Score 6.5/10

I tend to go for darker themed anime that has no little kids in it. It really limits what I can watch now a days, so I looked back to the past for anime I had never tried before and this anime movie was one of them. After watching it, I came to the conclusion that this is one of those shows that I will probably forget pretty quickly. That being said, I had no issue watching it to the end. The story was not... read more

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kingofdemons Apr 8, 2015
Score 7.3/10

Story: so the start of the show is good but when it gets going I feel like they are just jumping all over the place and there are thing that are going on that I do not know what is going on I mean Darkside comes and goes in this show like he do not care what happens to anyone it was crazy wreid at is all Animation: Its the good old Classic's the environment is good but not realy the best ya know, Plus... read more

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Darkside Blues
  • Vol: 2
  • 1988

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