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Nov 8, 2015

Darker than Black – Gemini of the Meteor (AKA Ryuusei no Gemini) is 12 episode sequel to a great sci-fi action anime. The story continues after the events of the DTB: Gaiden, following Hei's escape from The Syndicate. Thus I recommend having watched the first series and the OVAs before this. Initially it seems more Japanese than the western comic-book style of the original, but it eventually goes into details the original doesn’t, like the transformation and change into a contractor. With superpower reminiscent of the likes of X-Men, the plot retains the unique and interesting atmosphere of the original and things mix up quite a bit. Once again, I must admit the possibility of bias since I loved the original so much and found very few flaws with it, so be wary of scores.

[Granted, overall score isn’t useful and doesn’t tell the reader anything about the anime, if I could I’d review without overall scores. It goes the same for other creative media and the serious journalists in those mediums tend to agree that overall scores aren’t useful. So please take it with a grain of salt, the conclusion is the real score if one doesn’t want to read the whole review.]


As before, the animation is great, I watched this in 720p. I’ll quote my review of the first season:

“The CGI is a bit questionable at times, but luckily there isn’t much of it. The animation style feels generic, the character designs seem familiar... However on closer inspection, the character design of Hei seems a bit unique, the eyes especially… Some of the designs look cheesy, but I can gather they were done that way on purpose, like Huang, Guy Kurasawa and Kiko. There is lot of action, explosions and the like and they seem to be done reasonably well. Nothing really stood out as being terrible.”

A mention on the usage of animation concerning things that might be seen as fan-service. As always I hate pointless fan-service, ecchi crap. But here, while there are a few designs of female characters that might be seen to be a bit suggestive, it’s all within reason, but boy is it close to failure. At times, the camera is on a characters feet as she puts on her underwear, in another scene a character is getting a back oil massage. It’s nothing horribly sleazy, but damn it’s close and for all intents, nothing bad, The exception is one of the male characters is a perv, trying to hit on every woman he sees. Otherwise there’s no nonsense involved and there’s nothing wrong with having sexy female characters, especially if they aren’t flirtatious sluts like in harem anime… Ahem. As in the previous series, things like nudity and sex are depicted with control, i.e. there’s nothing explicit. It’s done in the usual way that we see in most movies and TV, clever camera angles and the like to avoid explicit nudity. Some of it is relevant to the superpowers. One of the characters had the ability to teleport, but this was more a more ‘realistic’ form of teleportation, if that could be a thing. I.e. only bodies are teleported, without clothes. Otherwise there would be difficulty avoiding teleportation of the surface stood upon.


The awesome music returns and along with one of my most favourite bands doing the outro. Abingdon Boy’s School did the intro to the first season and they are back here! Of course I got the OST of the original (2 different versions), but I never found the OST for this season back then. Hearing the awesome soundtrack, my determination was renewed and I went and found the soundtrack for this season! Here’s another quote to explain why I like the sound here so much:

“The sound design is awesome, not just some cool rock and a lot of smooth jazz. There’s even a beautiful piano segment (one is played in the anime) and light-hearted comedic tunes when Kurasawa and Kiko are around.”

Like the first season, this anime is available in both English and Japanese, and once again I watched the English dub. It’s pretty damn good, especially given that the characters in the anime are from all over the world, the pronunciation of the Japanese names isn’t too bad, but they do the Western names perfectly. On the contrast the Japanese VAs have a hard time pronouncing the Western names. And once again, we’ve got British characters given a British accent, which makes better sense than everybody sounding like a normal Japanese person with the Japanese voices, haha!

Jason Liebricht voices Hei, having also voiced characters like Luck Gandor in Baccano, Syaoran in Tsubasa Chronicle, Natsu Tanimoto in History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi and Kouhei Morioka in Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-. Suou Pavlichenko is voiced by Alison Viktorin, she has voiced a few characters in some anime I haven’t watched. Cherameigh Leigh is the voice of July, also having voiced Mary Beriam in Baccano, Pamela/Eva in Claymore, Elicia Hughes in FMA Brotherhood, Mai Taniyama in Ghost Hunt, Yuki Shimazaki in Mnemosyne, Patricia Thompson in Soul Eater, Naomi in Witchblade and Himawari Kunogi in XXXHOLiC. Yin is voiced by Brina Palencia, the voice of Ennis in Baccano, the Kinoshita twins in Baka to Test, Priscilla in Claymore, Rei Ayanami in the Evangelion remake, Nina Tucker in FMA, Teruki Maeno in Mnemosyne, Juliet in Romeo X Juliet, Holo in Spice and Wolf and Ahmey in Tower of Druaga. Mao voiced by Kent Williams, also as Nishimura in Baka to Test, Kozo Fuyutsuki in Evangelion, Sid in Soul Eater, Akisame in History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi and Utu in Tower of Druaga. Kate Oxley does the voice of Misaki Kirihara, the voice of Renka from History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, the frog girl from Soul Eater and more. Additionally, Genma Shizume is voiced by Newton Pittman, Mina Hazuki is voiced by Kara Edwards, Youko Sawasaki is voiced by Tia Ballard, Madame Orielle is voiced by Jennifer Green, Shion Pavlichenko is voiced by Lindsay Seidel and Tanya Akurou is voiced by Alexis Tipton (not according to AP). For details on returning characters I haven’t mentioned, please refer to the review of season 1.


I’ve had issues with space in previous reviews and the cast here is huge, with many additional new characters. I apologise for being brief and vague with existing characters, thus I’d recommend readers check out the review of season 1 for more in-depth analysis. Also, due to the fast progression of events in this anime (a lot happens in the first few episodes), certain details will be considered spoilers and I shall tag them as such: SPOILER< spoiler text here >SPOILER

The new main character here is Suon Pavlichenko, a Russian teenage girl who lives with her father and twin brother. Her mother is abroad in Japan, likely divorced from the father. Suon seems to love photography and is often seen with her camera taking pictures of things. Her pet squirrel accompanies her, but she also has friends from school, including Tanya and Nika, the boy she herself has a crush on. She hates death, destruction and the contractors who mindlessly take people’s lives. She is somewhat protective and close to her twin brother Shion. She always carries a meteor fragment around her neck and is a pleasant and ordinary person for the most part. SPOILER< following a freak accident in episode 2, the meteor fragment she carries turns her into a contractor. Her obeisance is to make origami cranes and her power is to make an anti-materiel rifle appear out of thin air, which she uses very effectively as a weapon, often with July as her spotter. The weird thing is, she isn’t as cold and logical as the other contractors. She vows revenge on contractors for destroying her life and killing those dear to her >SPOILER

Returning lead character Hei AKA Lee Shengshun AKA The Black Reaper is a contractor (BK201), who doesn’t have a price due to his powers being derived from those of his dead sister’s, the power of electrokinesis. He remains as cold and as remorseless as before, but now he seems a bit more aggressive and emotional. Makes sense since he isn’t an ordinary contractor. He drinks a lot of whiskey and alcohol, likely out of depression. His hair is grown out and he hasn’t shaved for a while. Gone is the neat life he once lived as a contractor under the Syndicate. He is in Russia looking for the meteor fragment on behalf of the CIA. SPOILER< The same accident that gives Suon her powers also took away Hei’s powers. His star simply disappears instead of falling like a normal dead contractor. Despite this, he is still quite capable in a fight. He also harbours sad memories and resentment towards Yin, who he claims betrayed him >SPOILER

July is a young British boy, dressed up in a Victorian-style clothing. Except he isn’t really a boy, he is one of the dolls and his surveillance spectre uses the medium of glass. He is a lot like Yin, he doesn’t have much in terms of emotions and free will since he is a doll. Yet, even in season 1 we saw he was doing things that shouldn’t be possible for a doll. He works for MI6 and used to be on a team along with the late November 11 and April. Since November died, August 7 has replaced him, this guy is a magician contractor and unfortunately for him, the price is to divulge how magic tricks are carried out. SPOILER< Of course April gets murdered, leaving July without any of his friends. Thus with nobody else to turn to, he joins Hei’s group >SPOILER

Tanya Akurou is hot blonde Russian teenager and Suon’s friend. She’s a bit shy and very gentle. She seems to have a crush Nika, the same boy the Suon has a crush on and at the start, he asks her out and they become a couple. And then the story catches up… SPOILER< Through causes unknown, Tanya becomes a contractor, her powers allow her to control a swarm of insects and her price is to rip off a few strands of her hair. Her personality and priorites change, she no longer deems friends and her relationship necessary, easily discarding all who cared for her. She is recruited as an agent of the Russian government and has no qualms killing her own (ex)boyfriend. Femme fatale indeed >SPOILER

Misaki Kirihara is another returning character. This woman was the police chief in the first season, but has since been demoted to another role after the battle of Hell’s gate. Due to her departure from the police department, she is no longer allowed to be notified about contractors, but her old subordinate Saito keeps her informed and will always think of her as the chief. She developed feelings towards Hei in the first season and desires to find him. That’s when section 3 gets in contact and gives her the opportunity of chasing him down, against Saito’s warnings that section 3 are bad folk.

Here’s where it gets iffy… Mao was a contractor working with Hei for the Syndicate. His power was to body swap with animals, but his original body was destroyed during an excursion. He inhabited a cat and had to upload and download his thoughts and personality into a cloud network to prevent the animal brain from taking over. Unfortunately he died in the battle of Hell’s Gate. So why would I be describing a dead character from season 1? We find out a bit about Mao’s origin and his past, how he lost his body. Sure there are flashbacks, but why else… SPOILER< I know I said this section would be spoilers, but all I’ll say for this is that Mao is still alive and around. Now what animal could he be in this time…? >SPOILER

A new group of standalone characters working together in a team separate for section 3, includes two contractors and a human. This closely follows the template team we’ve seen before with 2 contractors and a doll. Misaki joins this team, but isn’t fully integrated, they won’t tell her everything.

The first contractor is a somewhat frisky and jovial, perverted guy called Genma Shizume whose power is the ability to form offensive/defensive augmentations to his body, by transforming into an armour by touching materials like metal and concrete. His payment is moxibustion, incense is laid on his back and must be lit. He’s kinda like the Thing from Fantastic 4 or Marvel’s the Hulk. He’s perverted attitude has him often arguing with Mina, but Youko doesn’t seem to mind.

Mina Hazuki is the second contractor in section 3’s small team. This moody woman has long black hair and seems to be of the cold moody samurai girl stereotype. To further support this, her powers let her turn anything she touches into an energy-based weapon and her preference is a Japanese wooden sword, thus the powers effectively turn it into a lightsabre. While it can cut through anything, the one thing it can’t cut is Hei’s electrified knife. But that isn’t just it, she can energise herself and effectively teleport. With such badass powers, what is the cost? Kissing guys. Strange cost, but it gets even stranger considering that this character is lesbian and aggressively so. She’s very direct with it, but she doesn’t care if her advances offend another woman. She hates how perverted Genma is, maybe because the two are competing for chicks? Despite all this, she is as stoic and cold as a contractor should be.

The final member of this trio is the jovial woman Youko Sawasaki. She’s the human support for the team, like Huang was for Hei’s old team. But she isn’t just an extra pair of hands, this spectacle-toting woman has brains. She’s good with tech and can build crazy stuff, such as the strange trap device at the start of the series. She doesn’t mind the quirks of her contractor buddies’ personalities, she’s fine getting hit on by Mina.

Shion Pavlichenko is Suon’s twin brother, of course not an identical twin since gender is only determined during conception, no amount of messing around can change the gender of a fertilised egg. That said… anything can happen in fiction, but it does annoy me when this one piece of science is ignored for some reason. Enough of the twin nonsense, Shion becomes a contractor from the very start. He is kept hidden away by his father and is disallowed contact with people. His price for his powers is to lose the ability to walk, but the power itself remains a mystery. He has gone to Japan for some reason and Suon’s goal is to reunite with her brother and protect him, as she once promised.

I can’t speak too much about the other characters, Yin especially since it’s spoilers. Old characters return, like the dumb detective Guy Kurasawa and his equally idiotic sidekick Kiko Kayanuma. Misaki’s old cop buddies are also still around. There’s a mysterious blonde woman who hangs out with two stoic twins (likely dolls), who seems to know a lot about everything, but especially about Mao.


Here’s a quick recap on the lore. Contractors a special people with (unique) superpowers, which they must pay a price (obeisance) for. They lose mostly their humanity as they no longer are capable compassion or strong feelings. They are cold, cynical and logical beings, having no remorse when deceiving other’s to reach their goals. Each contractor is represented by a star in the sky, which shines brighter when the contractor is using their powers and falls as a meteor when the contractor dies. In recent history, the real stars disappeared along with the appearance of hell’s gate, heaven’s gate and the contractors. The gates are large areas where the laws of physics have broken down and survival is difficult. Heaven’s gate was in Brazil and 7 years ago, a disaster occurred where the gate and an area of land around it were destroyed and became completely inaccessible.

Then, 2 years ago during the events of season 1, Hell’s gate in Japan almost did the same, but Hei managed to stop it. This was the battle of Hell’s gate where many contractors lost their lives and many stars fell from the sky. This season stars as a flashback to back then, where one of the meteors impacts during a hunting trip for the Pavlichenko family.

The plot runs fast here, unlike the first season there are no episodic stories showing off contractors and this world. I can’t really describe the first few episodes without spoilers, but Suon is on a mission to find her brother, who said he’d be waiting for her in Japan. As I mention in the intro, this season shows off the transformation into a contractor and viewers can see the difference before and after. It goes without saying, there is no way to predict the future events of the plot, besides the inevitable, ‘getting to Japan.’ There are some crazy revelations, one of which I jokingly guessed and then got right (not a prediction). Things get complicated. The major flaw of the story is the very end, a lot of things just don’t make sense or aren’t explained. It suggests a possible sequel.

This anime deals with quite few different topics, including the human state, death, murder, betrayal, torture, revenge and quite a few more. There’s some upsetting things, like a mother leaving a family, a transvestite father raising his son (yeah… they explain that he tried to be normal and gave up when his wife life), the absolute bullshit ‘love at first sight’ (I’ve ranted elsewhere about this, check the Romeo X Juliet review) with a girl too young for him (pedophile!), so much loss of life, physical abuse… the story has evolved from the simple superhero plot from before. Heck… the whole superhero protagonist thing is effectively gone (check the character spoilers to see what I’m referring to), though theirs is some of Hei’s Batman style interrogation… “Where is she?!?”. Some folks may see this as a bad thing, that aspect was a unique charm of the original. This feels a bit too different without it. Oh, and there kinda is some legit romance here, it’s a triangle perhaps, though a lot of one-sided or vague affections. But don’t expect it to come to the fore in the plot, this angle is played very cautiously here, with occasional jabs (Mina being to the point).

Some aspects of the story I felt were dumb, like the lesbian character. While it is nice to see a homosexual character for a change, the character is still forced to kiss men and is overly flirtatious, in a very unrealistic way. It’s like they are taking the mick here, I wouldn’t be surprised if real folks were offended at this depiction. It’s like they couldn’t be bothered to come up with an excuse to make her bi-sexual. I hate tsundere, so that wouldn’t be a solution. The good thing is, it doesn’t have much of an impact on the overall experience so *it can be forgiven*. But it must be mentioned.


This sequel does manage to evolve and stand up on its own, to the point where one can watch this anime without having watched the first season, with no issues. That said, I do recommend watching the first season anyway, providing a lot of backstory to things that are referenced here. Who is this for? No longer for the comic-book superhero fans perhaps, the superpowers are still there, but I no longer had that vibe from this season. Folks who liked the story of the original and want to know more about the contractors may enjoy this. I also recommend this to folks who prefer a shorter and more meaningful story, the overall plotline of the last season wasn’t clear until the very end. That also made it completely unpredictable, but even if this sequel has an objective from the start, it’s still a meaningful and interesting journey of a story. And even me, who is able to predict a good many plots could predict this one. Of course I enjoyed this, even without the Batman-like ambiance. I tend to give unrealistic scores, so I’ll be realistic, it does have its small niggles after all. At least season 1 didn't sequel-bait. Heck, it holds strong compared to this season.

Family-friendliness Rating: 4/5 Troubling themes and mature content (lower is better)

Overall Rating: 9/10 (higher is better)

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Nov 24, 2014

So as a fan of the first Darker than Black series I was very happy to find out that there was a sequel, a continuation to a great series! I had jumped into it right away, without reading anything on it. I was confused, where was Hei and Yin? He doesn't show up right away? Okay I can deal with that...wait, he's a drunk? Why the hell does he look like that?!

And with disgust I had dropped the show after three episodes, vowing to never watch it again and pretend that it was never made.....until I decided to suck it up and watch it two years or so later.

I'll admit, it wasn't that bad.

Story: 7/10
Now I wouldn't say that the story in Ryuusei no Gemini was a direct continuance from the original. It's sort of it's own storyline with throw-ins from the last season with many of the same characters and names (IE The Syndicate). There is a two year gap between the first and second seasons and many things have happened to both Yin and Hei that are never directly answered (although there is a gaiden arc between the seasons, but I haven't seen it yet). Instead we are just left in the dark and are supposed to deal with it. Which may or may not be good, if you consider the fact that Hei comes into the show looking like a haggard empty shell of his former self that has a drinking problem, and WE DON'T KNOW WHAT MADE HIM THIS WAY.

If you're expecting a lot of Mao, Hei, and Yin action-- or any answers to questions you had in the first series then you will be sorely disappointed. Ryuusei no Gemini focuses on Suou, a 13 year old Eurasian/Russian girl; she is THE main character, the star of the show. Hei and Mao are kind of nothing more than mentors and guides for Suou to become the gun wielding emotional teen girl that she is. Yin doesn't show up until near the end, and she is incorporated into the plot in a way that you wouldn't expect.

This is rather disappointing because the first series had enough to go on to continue it, to try to answer some of the questions that it left unanswered. However, instead we get a separate story and a new main character that is vaguely (barely) connected at all. Ryuusei no Gemini is also considerably shorter too, which definitely gave no room to expand on anything but instead forcing us to gun through the plot.

Don't get me wrong, the story was good--on its own. If you let go of practically everything from Kuro no Keiyakusha then you should be alright.

Art: 9/10
As always the art was great. Keeping true to the style of the first season Ryuusei no Gemini introduced some interesting looking characters as well as brought back characters that are easily recognizable. The animation was pretty great, but unfortunately not as heavily involved as in Kuro no Keiyakusha. This is because there are less actions scene compared to the first season. Mixed with the different color schemes and style, you can see just how tired and different Hei has become, and just feel when the mood is supposed to be dark or lighthearted (which the story/character interactions failed to complete) .

Sound: 8/10
In terms of heart pounding sound to get you pumped up for the upcoming scene, Ryuusei no Gemini did a great job with it's techno/electronic soundtrack, which seemed to fit the mood perfectly. The opening theme kind of didn't do it for me. I know I know 'but it was upbeat and refreshing!' you are telling me, I get it. I'll admit, it does have a certain charm to it, and I could probably listen to it over and over again. 

Character: 6/10
Hei! Why!? Hei was the single most reason I dropped the show in the first place. I HATED the fact that he had sunk so low, that the man known as BK-201, the Black Reaper, had turned into this drunken mope who slapped Suou around. But now that I came back I can see the importance of making Hei be like this. Even hero's fall, and anyone can hit rock bottom. Hei was our fallen hero, and it hurt to see him like that...but as the show went on, he became less and less of an important character and his problems were swept under the rug by the star, Suou. If Ryuusei no Gemini would have focused more on Hei and the Syndicate then him being the way he is would have been powerful.

Speaking of Suou, I kind of hated her. Yes, I get the fact that she's going through a bunch of tough ordeals in the series, and she's trying to struggle with who she is and how she's supposed to be. But it was because of this that I felt like I was just watching a girl go through puberty. And as we all know, puberty is never fun.

Other characters seemed rather unimportant to me. They were either there just to serve as a plot mover, a shit stirrer, or for cheap laughes (which there was a lot of). Many new people come and go in Ryuusei no Gemini, and a lot of them had potential to be great. Unfortunately, the time constraints of the show gave them no time to expand on any particular background story, leaving most of the cast two dimensional, and largely unsatisfying. Largely, I felt absolutely nothing for the vast majority of them.

Enjoyment: 7/10
This is a tough one for me to rate. I was holding onto Kuro no Keiyakusha for dear life, and ended up largely confused and unsatisfied with the ending. But the ride along the way was actually pretty great. I wish that they would have given Ryuusei no Gemini a longer season, because it might have made the show even better.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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May 8, 2012

I usually avoid writing different reviews about different seasons of the same series but in this case it was necessary since the second season had some big differences in storytelling that brought out a lot of negative aspects of the first series. In any case, it would be better to be aware of the first season or even have read my review about it in order to fill in any blanks.

Let’s start by saying that sequels are most of the time worse than their first seasons. Either they reuse the same formula and become tiresome for being “one of the same” or make drastic changes that alienate the fans of the original and making them consider it worse. In this case Gemini of the Meteor (GOTM) went for the later and to no surprise was received quite harshly by most. From my POV, I will say that I welcome experimentation in each addition to a franchise and I will judge it for what it is and not for what it should be in my imagination.

Art and Sound are of the same quality as before, only in this season there is less darkness going on (thus it is less Darker Than Black) and the characters seem more humane because they express more emotions than before. The main lead is now a drunkard, so he is more expressive by being more wasted; and the main girl is NOT a full Contractor, so she expresses a lot more feelings. The dialogues feel livelier as well for the same reason while the soundtrack is again nothing memorable on the longrun. I have no reason to give better or worse ratings here as the difference in details is not affecting the overall quality.

The Story is one step better and two steps worse than before but it’s not like you could except something better from a SEQUEL made by we-have-no-storyboards Studio BONES. On the bright side, it now has more concrete plot and less stand alone episodes. On the less-dark-than-before side, this brings out the problem of the first season. THERE ISN’T MUCH GOING ON. While DTB was resetting the mission objective every two episodes, GOTM retains the same mission all the way, thus it is easier to get fed up with it. Because the very storytelling of the series does not allow multi-layered elements inter-webbing into a complicating and thought-provoking setting, where it is required to offer gargantuan amounts of brain activity to comprehend what is going on, thus in need of spending many episodes in exposition. It’s quite simple actually; a rather linear adventure of a girl looking for another girl. So you can imagine how more boring it would be to stretch something that lasted two episodes before to be 5 times longer without necessarily being more complicating or worthy of such a thing. I am in favor of an on-going plot but not when it is not worthy of it.

Furthermore, it’s also the ending of GOTM which hasn’t satisfied anyone I know of. You see, DTB also had a setting where nothing was explained and the ending felt poor and rushed. Yet GOTH, instead of delving deeper into what was left unlooked before, instead initiates yet another mystery on top of the existing one and ends equally weird and without answering anything major once again. Not only that, but the hints of what happens feel out-of-place, making you think it has nothing to do with the rest of the setting. Some compared it with what in going on in the finales of Neon Genesis or Clannad AS. Well sorry to say that having a mindfuck for an ending does not work if it’s not foreshadowed properly. Since this anime never explains anything, you just can’t accept all that, even when you can think of them as Contractor abilities. So no, unlike the above two anime, GOTH has a terrible conclusion.

In other words, where DTB had little plot which does not allow you to be bored by resetting and ending anti-climactically, GOTM has more plot which is easier to be bored; for it lasts longer without being worthy of it and ends badly. One plus and two minus, just as I said. There is a set of OVAs which explain the backdrop story better but since they are extras that for all we see are just ass-pulled in the storyline AFTER it is all over, they don’t help out the overall feeling much. If they were part of the core story, it would be much better for its own well-being.

The Characters improved a bit in emotions but gotten far worse in feeling. First of all, a single yet longer mission instead of short numerous ones means more screen-time for the characters and thus more time invested in immersion. And at first glance you would think they need it as Suou and Hei are showing a lot more emotions and angst than before, while each one of them has something going on in their lives that needs more exposition. At the same time, nothing much is there to invest about them and all exposition is kept for the finale, which as I said it is bad on its own. So what is the point of giving more screen-time for characters who have nothing much to show in the first place? Didn’t DTB do that too in a slower pace because the individual secondary characters of each arc goggled up most of the time? It felt so much better there; they lost their charm here.

As if that wasn’t enough bad already, the storywriters made it even worse by taking out Yin from the story for most of the series. I mean, she was an established character with its own fanbase of sorts and for no reason they decide to keep her out of the way and even to NOT EXPLAIN WHY IS SHE NOW A RIVAL. The OVAs are again supposed to explain that but who cares if it’s shown after the party is over?

I will add something that may not be of interest to most but it sure annoyed me. This season focused a lot more on moe lolis and less on macho killers. I mean DTB was about these cynical assassins who were ruthlessly killing people all the time without showing any care about it. On GOTH we have a coming-of-age of sorts regarding loli Suou and everyone was going rabid about the absence of loli Yin. Poor Hei was left in the background and his drunkard issue went almost unnoticed because of the loli foreground. Well as much as distant the cynical bastards of DTB were, they were still more uncommon than the over-abundant loli archetype that Suou is part of. What a bad turnaround for most to have this ecchi/moe element in a show that they liked for NOT being like most others. Some consider it a show about how an innocent girl is forced to slowly turn into a ruthless assassin in order to survive and go ahead in life; but come on, the bait of DTB were cynical bastards from the get-go and not the gradual becoming of one. And as far as sniper killer lolis goes, I found Gunslinger Girl far more interesting, for being a lot closer to the formula of DTB and not of GOTH.

Value and Enjoyment are lower for the reasons stated above. And it’s not as if it’s the change in the formula that is at fault here. It’s more about the refusal to change ALL the elements in the formula. Instead of offering story exposition that was so overlooked in DTB, they threw in more unanswered mysteries while giving the lead to less uncommon characters, in a story that lasts longer without necessarily showing more to back it up, ending it in a WTF way that feels out-of-place, and then attempting to explain it outside of the story with OVAs. And the action scenes are again short and lacking realism, making them equally forgettable as before.

How hard was all that to figure out when planning for a sequel? Screw this, I’m going back to my lovely X-Men.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Jan 28, 2010


I must say that Darker than Black is one of my favorite animes. So when I found out about the sequel, I was hyped. Now, because I like the first one so much, I expected the sequel to reach the same level, or even higher than its predecessor. Sort of like Birdy the Mighty Decode.

To be frank. I was dissapointed.

First of all, some things are pulled out of thin air. Apparently, Yin was Hei's "woman". What? Where the hell did that come from? Based on the first series, Hei treated Yin only as a good friend. What ever "romance" (if you can call it that) went on in the first series was between the police detective and Hei.

Another dissapointment was that they showed Mao's human form. I know that's a simple thing, but, that air of mystery of what Mao looked like gave Mao a certain charm. At least for me. Think of it like this. Naruto fans, the fact that Kakashi hides his face adds a bit more to his character. You want to see it, but he never shows it. It just adds something.

The pacing of this show also bothered me. One episode would be action packed and leave you on the edge of your seat, only to have the next episode be the Suo just shopping.

Oh, another thing that bothered me. Apparently Suo falls in love with Hei. Great. A thirteen year old girl, madly in love with Hei, a man beyond his years of twenty.

Also. The ending was completly rushed. I was watching the episodes, and then I realized, that there were two left. "Two?" I asked myself. "How is this possible? Nothing really happend to create an ending!"


It just threw the words Izanagi and Izanami around, attempted to create a major plot twist, (that would have been major if it was paced well!)

I'm being extra harsh on this series because I loved the original one so much.


Animation was pretty good. I've been watching a lot of animes lately with spectacular animation, so everything after that isn't really mind blowing.


Again, the first series had a better soundtrack, even though it wasn't that amazing. To be honest, you don't pay attention to it at all. It leaves no impression what so ever.


This series could have expanded on Hei. I know A LOT was explained in the first series, but Hei still could have developed further. Suo also didn't leave that much of an impression on me. Even after several plot twists occured, (which by the way, were so poorly paced, that these twists didn't even faze me).I would have also liked Misaki's and Hei's relationship to be expanded. Not just simply thrown away. Despite that they had something going on in the first series, this one just made Misaki be all like "I like Hei. Where is he?" Meets Hei, and then you never see her again.


This series could have been a lot better if it was longer. This way, they just sort of threw important facts into your face at the last second and pulled random facts out of its arse. I was dissapointed. Maybe for people who didn't like the first series that much, will find this one to meet their standards, but for me, it was way below average.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
4/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jun 20, 2012

Critic's Log - Earthdate: June 20, 2012. Review #10: Darker Than Black: Gemini Of The Meteor.

When you head into a dark path, your journey may be stained with blood, torment, and despair. It may be very difficult to see a light through the darkness. Once that person finds this light he then will have to decide whether to embrace it or cast it out and sacrifice it, and then... The gate of the soul will open...

Okay, if that didn't make much sense... I did not intend it to... I am making fun of the Next Episode Previews from the show if you haven't noticed already, Here is Darker Than BLACK: Gemini of The Meteor.

I got to admit, I enjoyed the first season of this show and I sort of had some expectations for its second season and I sure have something to say about this season like every other anime, that's why I post reviews here on the first place.

The story goes like this. Two years have passed since Hei and Yin escaped The Syndicate. Making their way into Russia, Hei encounters a young girl named Suo Pavlichenko, whose family has been gradually pulled into the conflict between Contractors and various intelligence faction groups. Meanwhile, Misaki Kirihara has quit her position in the Foreign Affairs to begin her own investigation into Hei, the Contractors and The Syndicate.

To be technical, this is obviously a sequel to Darker than BLACK. Just like the first season, it is produced by Studio Bones. This is also the first sequel that Studio Bones has made. The animation has improved slightly and the thing that has gotten better is the action scenes. The action scenes kick ass in this sequel and the animation makes these scenes kick ass.


The humor sure has improved a bit. Some little moments got a chuckle out of me.

There is one major annoyance from the animation department with this show. It's the repeated scene where Suo's gun appears from her pendant. It worked the first time, but to use it again and again whenever she needs the gun was quite lazy and it sort of annoyed me at times. I have a lot to gripe about this show besides this...

First of all, if you liked any characters beside Kirihara from the first season and haven't seen Gemini of The Meteor yet, you are going to get bitchslapped. I just want to give a spoiler alert before you continue on...You have been warned... how this show treated its characters really pissed me off. If you liked Hei, say goodbye to his Chinese electric Batman moments early on in Gemini of The Meteor. If you liked Yin. She doesn't appear that much until the last two episodes... If you liked Mao, Say goodbye to his cat appearance, the new character Suo is treated as a main character in this season and the story is about her and what she's going through. There are some minor characters that I guess were interesting and some were pretty cool, especially Mina Hazuki, she’s a katana wielding chick that kicks ass. Her katana looks "Lightsaber"-ish, don't you think? If it is... The force is strong with her indeed...

The soundtrack has a bit of a different tone than the first season, the soundtrack isn't too bad but it can be a bit forgettable at times. If you haven't noticed the credits in the opening or if you do not know this at all. Yoko Kanno did not compose the music for Gemini of The Meteor, the one taking her place is Yasushi Ishii... Don't know him; if you are familiar with the TV show Hellsing, he composed the opening of that show. According to some sources. This is his first composition for a TV anime. The use of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata was a nice touch and of course with vocals as well in the song... But I don't have a lot to say about the soundtrack; there were about 3 songs I thought were good.

The voice acting on both sides is good. The Subtitled Version and Dubbed Version are just as good as the first season. You can't go wrong on either version. Although to be fair, some cast choices in the dub could have been slightly better but I didn't mind too much of the dub. I thought Sonny Strait as Suo's Father sounded a bit under aged. Still Zach Bolton's ADR directing does not disappoint greatly

If there is one big disappointment. It is the story itself. There were some questions from Season one that sort of never gets answered. Season One had a number of subplots going on and it seems that the story is telling the viewer too many things put into 25 episodes, Gemini of The Meteor is one continuing story about that girl Suo. I don't mind the change of how the story is told. But the length of this show is a bit too short and The Last episode was a disappointment. If there is one thing that Bones should have did in the first place, it would be that they should release the OVA's BEFORE GEMINI OF THE METEOR. I AM NOT KIDDING, The OVA Prequel to Gemini of the Meteor explains on WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HEI AND YIN BEFORE THE SECOND SEASON! I was really puzzled as to why it was released the way it was before. There are some things I did not like about Gemini of The Meteor. When Hei loses his powers, it was a bit early for that to happen, his hobo-drunk personality was an interesting change, but it is somewhat forced to show that he is depressed. Mao's sudden change to appear as a flying squirrel since his cat form was killed, Seriously, WHY!? I liked him as a cat. Yin being "Izanami" I guess fits but is explained in the OVA. If you haven't seen Gemini of The Meteor yet, I absolutely recommend watching the OVA first even though it was made after the Second Season and thus making it a prequel to Gemini of The Meteor. It will make watching Season Two less confusing and more easy to follow. The character development still is shot to hell; the treatment of these characters is depressing WAY TOO QUICKLY. Of all the characters, Suo is a far more interesting Contractor than Hei, and Hei was the main character. I really am disappointed on the presentation in the story and this season could have been so much better too... It is such a shame that Tensai Okamura who was known for directing Wolf's Rain to go this low in changing a lot of things in Darker than BLACK. If I really have to say which show is the weakest he's directed. It is Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor.

Darker Than BLACK: Gemini of The Meteor is available by Funimation.

With That Said, Darker than BLACK has better action scenes than the first season, but the character development and treatment is shot to hell. The music is okay and the animation is still good. The Story for Gemini of The Meteor does not meet expectations at all. This sequel will most likely disappoint you. If you are willing to distance your disbelief, you might enjoy this. This is a disappointing sequel to a series that had some cool ideas.

I give Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor a 5.7 out of 10. It is SO and SO

Feel free to comment below and shoot for the stars

4/10 story
9.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
5.7/10 overall
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