Dark Side Cat

Alt title: Ankoku Cat

Web (6 eps x 6 min)
2006 - 2008
Fall 2006
2.758 out of 5 from 256 votes
Rank #17,210

Every town needs a hero. Unfortunately for the human residents of Dark City, theirs is a stray cat. Swooping from roof to roof, its first thought is always of food or being able to catch an elusive mouse – saving the day is just a fortunate side effect. From rescuing lost children to putting a stop to careless littering, Dark Cat finds himself caught up in numerous problems – though caring about none of them. As his name spreads, he finds himself the center of attention as reporters desperately try to snap the unlikely hero. Cheeky and mischievous, this feline favorite wants to protect his kind; but can this renegade kitty stay out of the clutches of a mayor determined to rid the city of strays?

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Darkside cat is a strange, interesting show. It’s pretty much about a rebel humanoid cat that gets in trouble a lot with the law. In the course of one evening, chasing after a mouse, he breaks a fire hydrant, creates a traffic jam, and runs from the police. Now this show doesn’t really follow Dark Side cat but really what happens because of his interactions with the people of the city. He himself is always silent with the same ‘bad boy’ look in his eyes and yet there are times that he actually does seem nice, mostly to the cats around the area. Each story can mostly stand alone, having only Dark Cat to link them together except for 5 and 6 where they pretty much have to be seen together. It’s more talking about the people that he touches and not really about him. One thing I do wish is that we could get more info on Dark Side Cat instead of only hearing very little about his past in Episode 5. The animation looks like it was created with flash, and its actually really well done as well in that nothing really seems out of place. They have really nice shadows and make them look perfect the dark night that is pretty much the base of the shows. My only problem is that in the animation, there is a character that seems like she would be a man character in the stories but she barely shows up. Action scenes contain a lot of speed lines and still images that seem like Speed Racer at times. There is barely any talking and more sounds and music which are actually pretty cute. It works well. Basically, I wish there was more of this show.

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