Dareka no Manazashi

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Dareka no Manazashi

The story is set "slightly in the future" and revolves around Aya "Aachan" Okamura, a woman who has been working for two years and has begun living on her own for a job opportunity. With Aachan's mother working overseas as a doctor, Aachan's father is now living alone with the family's longtime pet cat Mii-san. One night, Aachan returns from a long day at work, and as she rests on her bed, she reminiscences about the times the family had together. She remembers the sadness she felt when her mom went overseas, and the solace she felt when her father brought home Mii-san to give her comfort. Then, she receives a phone call…

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 Streamed this on Youtube actually  Foreword Dareka no Manazashi or Someone's Gaze in Engrish, is a short film directed by scenery porn enthusist Makoto Shinkai. Now i'm the first to write a review for this on this website so i'm gonna say it here, first!  It kind of suprises that no one actually made a review for this when over eight-hundred people have watched it on  this site. After watching this I immediately felt like I had to say something about this because it not only exceeded my expectations of it, it did what a lot of shows don't really do for me. It reached me on a personal level and this made me cry, yes this eight minute short movie managed to move me to tears and here is ya boy Wiru-san's take on it! Story       I don't know what this is, but it's touch screen, it looks at pictures, and works as a phone and I want it now The story is set in the what i would really want to be the near future, because they have some badass technology. The story revolves around Aya Okamura, a young lady who looks like she's in her early twenties. She has been in the work-force for two years and her life seems cluttered, it seems like she is constantly stumbling over herself " Holding on to that strap as if it were her lifeline, Aya stands there She didn't want to see herself in the reflection of the glass. That's why she just stood there with her eyes closed" " Her right hand has gotten red from holding onto the strap so tightly, so she switches to her left. Then back to her right, eventually she is gripping the strap with both hands...  The station she needs to get off at is still far away." That's one hell of a way to start this film out    She comes home from a what seems to be a tough day at work, or maybe she's just had enough with where she is in her life. Aya starts to reminiscence about her family. That is what this short film is about, family. Family and growing up, this touches on both sides of the coin of lonliness experienced from a young adult strugling to find her identity but yearning to be independent and that of the parent who now is living alone because their child is now an adult and  has gotten to that age where they must start coping with the fact they can't see them as often   It's a very real situation that was touched upon very well by this film. As you grow up your parents are getting older. Watching this makes me wish I did things different as I was growing up or wish I said certain things more often and I think that's what Shinkai wanted to touch on. A situation that happens to many families around the world and he executed that very well.  Story: 8  Animation The animation in this short is very refreshing and pleasing to the eye. The future landscapes and technology that we do see works well with it's enviorment and I can actually see it being a part of our lives one day      Shinkai's movies always look gorgeous it's expected and I was surprised with how well this looked given it's time. However it does not consistently look great some scenes backgrounds are completely taken out and replaced with fading white and I can only assume this was because of budget and I understand but it definately shows.   What is this an episode of Cailou?    The scenery and characters still look great however it leaves you wanting it to be amazing at all points which Shinkai is known for and It just shows that they either couldn't or they just didn't  Animation: 7.5 Sound The sound in Shinkai's works is alway great, and it's great here the music evokes feelings out of you that maybe make you think of the past. Of your family and it definately does it's job. Now it's not as grand as Shinkai's other works and it really seems like there's only one theme, that would make sense since the film is so short anyway.  If anyone is interested in the English Lyrics click here  The only name for the music in the film i could find is the ending theme which is Sore de Ii Yo by Kazusa and it's a beautiful piece. Sore de ii yo means it's all fine in english which goes with the theme of the film. that's also how I feel about the music it was all fine but for a such a short film the score leaves you wanting more Sound: 7.5 Characters The story revolves around Aya And her Father, whose name I'm not actually sure of. Dads have a thing like that on TV no one really knows their names. Then again do our parents really have names besides Mom & Dad?  and you can't forget the cute cat Mii-san The story mainly focuses on their relationship with each other and the whole story is driven through dialouge and narration. Have you been wondering who the narrator was? Well a quick search of the voice actors/actresses will reveal who the narrator is. You really feel the love and animosity between Aya and her dad, it feels real. "There's always a Lgihthouse- and a Mcdonalds too." Aya's choices and actions she did toawards her father really hit close to home for me and reminded me of my father and how I used to treat him. I say this again, it's such a real thing that happens in many families across nations and it was touched upon with such finesse in a little amount of time.  We can't all relate to seven different women or men all wanting to de-robe us, or I to being a ripped mofo on a swimming team. However we can all realte to family and love, when done right brings out many emotions not only in you but in the work and that's why i love the characters so much in this anime Characters: 8 Overall Dareka no Manazashi (Someone's Gaze)  is a quick piece that will enthrall you and when it's done leave with a good impression, then you go on about  your day. Some things these days are like three hours and end up being forgettable or feeling pointless and mundane.  This film is eight minutes and leaves you wanting more, even though there might not be more like the movie says "the fact is that happiness will continue"  Verdict: 7.5 Fresh Something that’s fresh is a good fun time. Sure it could’ve been better but ultimately it’s something you don’t regret experiencing Recommendation: Watch it! As always that's your boy wiru-san's take on it. Follow me on my Tumblr and check out my channel on Youtube. And Remember to stay the hell away from woodchippers.


I discovered this little short thanks to a commercial for a construction company called Taisei that I stumbled across a bunch of years ago. The commercial was my first introduction to Makoto Shinkai, and his beautiful art direction. I felt the need to search further into the man's work, and the first thing I stumbled upon was this short film that I'm reviewing now. It's only a sweet 7 minutes. The intent of this short is to remind people what growing up feels like from the perspectives of both the parent and the child. All at once, it'll be saddening and touching; and it gets its message across in the perfect amount of time. It's not fair to judge it based on typical qualities such as story and characters as that is not the intent here. It almost feels closest to something like a PSA, just based on the narrator and how it brings up almost every emotion a family is bound to go through over the years. The relatability is what matters here. These "characters" are based on the accessibility of projection, but never come across as lifeless. It's a hard technique to pull off, but it's done very well here. I personally felt very connected to the message and the people, as I am a fan of family-centered pieces. To be even more appealing than need be, this animation adds some flavor for us to enjoy by setting us in the future. It's a small addition, but adds life to a universe that is otherwise very small. If there's one thing this animation does very well, it's taking care of its audience. You can relate to it, enjoy its minor details, and not feel like your time has been wasted. Hell, I wasted your time more so with this review.

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