Danjo no Yuujou wa Seiritsu Suru? (Iya, Shinai!!)

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Danjo no Yuujou wa Seiritsu Suru? (Iya, Shinai!!)

In a rural junior high school, a boy and a girl pledge eternal friendship, and two years pass without any progress in their relationship as they become destined for one dream...! Inuzuka Himari, a cheerful girl who has yet to find her first love, and Natsume Yu, a passive boy who loves flowers, are still best friends in their own gardening club in their second year of high school. "If Yu can't get married, I'll have to take responsibility for you." "After Himari said that, I'm having a hard time because your brother started calling me, 'My brother-in-law!'" However, when Yu reunites with his first love from the past, the wheels of their relationship suddenly go haywire! Will Himari, who has discovered love, be able to break free from her "ideal friend"?

Source: Crunchyroll

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