Dance with Devils Movie: Fortuna

Movie (1 ep x 65 min)
3.638 out of 5 from 379 votes
Rank #3,330
Dance with Devils Movie: Fortuna

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I just can't... I thought that it would be another story and not a recap that made me t r i g g e r d all over again! Maybe it's because I hate the main ship, but I hated it! We got a few more songs, and Lindo's new song is weird but good, it's on my playlist now. My ship of the show personally is Rem X Riska, but whatever! Let us just let that slide by the fact that they are c o u s i n s. They were even raised like siblings which makes this creepier. In my opinion, this is different from Black Butler with the ship Ciel X Lizzy. They both grew up knowing they were going to get married in the future, and that is how they were raised. I just can't! Also! In the movie, they cut out ALL of the ship moments between Rem and her. WHY?!? They never had their dance, they never had their kiss, and the ending song didn't feel like she even loved him, while in the anime it was a different story. I was watching it with my Best Friend, and when Lindo kissed her forehead, she wiped the sweat off her brow, saying "Oh thank heavens, I thought they were going to kiss." And then they had a long, long, loooooong moment where they stared at each other, and I yelled at her, "Nooo! You just jinked it!" Low and behold they kissed as soon as I said that and let's just say no one in that neighboorhood could still be sleeping with how loud we screamed "NOOO!" We then had a long discussion about how we are going to go yell at the creators-  I wish I could say that overall I'm... u p s e t

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