Dance with Devils

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2015
3.177 out of 5 from 6,569 votes
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Dance with Devils

Second-year student Ritsuka Tachibana has the perfect school-to-life balance, but all of that’s thrown into chaos when she discovers that several of her handsome male classmates are actually demons in disguise.

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Honestly, this show should be called Singing with Devils instead. Imagine a Disney musical with a bunch of narcissistic, hot demons and you get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Sound Lots and lots of singing. Everyone important gets a theme song of some sort. They sing while walking. And even during a fight scene.  The singing is cringeworthy if you don't expect it, but I enjoy the directors' attempt to do something new in the anime industry. My suggestion for you is to just have fun with it---it's not top quality singing, so things get pretty funny. I love how quickly the songs tear down the male characters' cool/badass personality; it's unintentionally hilarious. Characters This is where the anime fails. The main girl is pretty normal, but wow the demon male leads are hilariously awful. They are cliquish like the plastics from Mean Girls , and every word they say makes me cringe internally. Forgive me, but I gotta share the overflowing cheese. I'm so fabulousss~ Urie Sogami: "It's  nice to meet you, little butterfly. [blahblahblah] I'll make your heart pound like crazy." . . . "little butterfly." ... LITTLE BUTTERFLY?? REALLY, DUDE? Do you not realize how CREEPY you are just saying that while hand-raping her here and there? Stop the pheromones and the roses! Gah! LOL I burst out laughing when I first heard that line, omfg. face of orgasm Shiki Natsublahblah proceeds to get a hard on over the main girl's misery with no inhibition So yeah, we have a sadist over here.... figure out that one for yourself, dear readers... I just... I don't even know.    LOOK AT MAH MUSCLES RAWRR(said Mage & Gaston) Mage Nanashiro is a full on narcissistic show-off (like Gaston), hence the half-off half-on clothing he wears. The dude was probably raised by animals because he DOES NOT know the meaning of personal space. At all. I like his muscles though. His eyes are nice too. Hee hee hee. Hur hur hur. Now.  The only semi-normal dude is the president dude, Rem. and yup, he sings. This guy really likes to sing and that's. perfectly. fine. I think he secretly wants to be a Kpop star or something cuz DAYUM he's got the posing down to the P. And he's hot. So... Personality wise, he seems to be a Kuu-dere. Acting cold to everything around him and all, y'know. I just wish these characters tried harder to seem like actual people, but instead they are just caricatures of cliched reverse-harem tropes. Like, it's okay Rem you won't die from saying "You're welcome" just a couple of times. Chill out. Animation I'd say it was done pretty well. The setting/scenery is especially beautiful. However, since it's obviously not top notch like Haikyuu, I docked a couple of points. Plot Just read the summary. Good demons vs evil demons, and a girl stuck in between it all. Overall It's enjoyable, but I think it's lacking something that would make it truly lovable. I can't get obsessed with these characters because they just are too dull. It doesn't even matter if they're demons. BUT THEY ARE HOT, AND THAT MAKES THINGS BEARABLE. I love the manservice in this anime. It's subtle but nice.  I recommend reverse harem lovers to watch this. You might like it more than I did! I gave it 7.5/10 mainly for its attempts to do new things.    


Haiiii~ (~◠▽◠)~♥ Let's watch Dance with Devils! Or more like: Dance with Devils, Vampires, a Dhampir, a Fallen Angel and a freaking Pomeranian... For the record, I HATE reverse harem. But I'm looking for a exception. A reverse harem where the story focuses on a female protagonist being a bad bit*h to everyone. I have never found any of reverse harem shows interesting and they are ALL THE SAME.  And not only that this is a genre that I hate, this anime is ''Original Work'', which basically means this show was written by 5 drunk Japanese salarymen. Speaking of ''Original Work'', I did have a good damn time watching and reviewing this show, but Dance with Devils is supposed to be serious... ish.  Let's just get on with it! STORY I swear to god if I hear the word ''GURIMOIRU'' one more time... The story is... kinda bad. It's based on a high school girl who's living a normal life but then she gets in contact with demons. This leads to her being in between of demons and vampires who are fighting to get a grimoire. This anime has musical elements (I've never seen this before to be honest). So in the middle of nowhere, a certain character starts singing a song with dumbest possible lyrics (and tbh some can't even sing). I think this makes the story seem stupid and cringeworthy. So the story is more less okay, but the musical elements just kill every potential good part of it. So, it's a 5/10 ANIMATION Very well done. I like to see a lot of detail on characters, and this anime has it. The way characters are animated is super well done, and the animation in general is gorgeous. Also, very colorful and polished animation. Probably a best aspect of this show to be honest. I'll give it a 8/10 SOUND Well, there's nothing wrong with the sound but... Those songs that I mentioned before just made me think ''y tho''. Is it really necessary to bring 6-7 voice actors into a studio and make them sing stupid songs no one will ever remember instead of putting sound effects, breathing or even humming? I seriously thought that was stupid. Oh and lyrics of these songs? ''My name is Rem'', ''VANQUISH!'' (wtf?), ''I'll give you VIP dreams'' (wtf?), ''amour, amour, the more we amour, the more amour allures us'' ...  Whoever wrote those songs should start over. Like literally, career wise, start over. But overall, the voice acting is well done, music is horrible and the OP/ED are decent . . . I'll just give it a 6/10. CHARACTERS Well, there's the useless ''centre of the harem'' girl, her brother, her 2 female friends (1 is relevant), 4 of the demon boys, the other other blue haired guy and ''androgynous vampire''. Ok let's go through each one of the demon boys since they are basically the main thing in this anime. Rem KAGINUKI - TSUNDERE BOY. People always told me guys can't be tsundere. Well guess again biatch. He's cold af, he doesn't see mushrooms as food and he has a god damn pomeranian. I mean COME ON. Other than that he's just a basic handsome protagonist with nothing else to offer. Mage NANASHIRO - Okay this one is annoying the sh*t outta me. He's the buff masculine guy who wears his school uniform in a informal way just to show off his muscles or his Armani sweatshirt. And he's wearing a tie over his sweatshirt I can't. bye Lindo TACHIBANA - The brother. Can't (and shouldn't) sing. And hmm maybe she should introduce him to someone who's... idk, NOT BLOOD RELATED!? Stop. Incest is not cool. Shiki NATSUMEZAKA - You know the show is not that good when the psycho character seems most normal. Um idk he's cool unless you open up his freezer. Honestly this is the only character that's interesting to me. Urie SOGAMI - Calls girls butterflies. That's all, good day and good night. And the girl... TACHIBANA RITSUKA (you will easily remember her name because they mention it at least 40 times each episode) is basically nothing except for cute and pretty.... Wise? - NOPE Smart? - NOPE  Interesting at all? - NOPE Cute and Pretty? YEAH! Her grimoire brings all the boys to the yard... and I'm not joking literally ALL THE BOYS So yeah those are basically the characters. I like some of them but to be honest no one is well developed or interesting. 6/10 OVERALL This was a great idea.  Not sure. It sucks that this show has such a good animation and it had potential and could have been a decent... 5-way romance thing. But the singing is throwing it in a wrong direction. So I'll give it a 6/10. Meh. That's it! Thanks for reading my review! I'd recommend this anime to musical lovers, diabolik lovers, and basically anyone who likes watching guys make a fool of themselves in front of a ''nothing but pretty'' girl. Rate if you found this review helpful, funny, or just like it. I have more anime reviews so check them out if you want! Thanks and have a nice day ^^

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