Dance in the Vampire Bund

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Nightmares creep into the waking hours as Mina Tepes, childlike Queen of the damned, shockingly appears on live television to announce her plans for a colony where her blood-sucking brethren can live in peace. As pandemonium engulfs the globe, Mina reconnects with a handsome face from her past: Akira, a brooding beast whose link to the queen is both powerful and mysterious. Together, Mina and Akira will bare their fangs and fight against an ancient evil. And though the Queen and her ferocious werewolf minions vow that no human blood will be spilled, there are others of her kind who yearn to sink their teeth into innocent flesh. Can Akira maintain his fleeting link to the realm of the living while battling to protect this ruthless and royal beauty? Only one thing is certain. The world’s not ready for her reign.

Source: Funimation

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Dance in the vampire bund.. Where do i begin with this one... The story revolves around Mina Tepes, princess-ruler of all vampires, and her "protector," Akira. Like other vampires, Mina has been in hiding with her people for many years. Seeking to end centuries of isolation, Mina gains permission to create a special district for vampires, "The Bund", off the coast of Japan by paying off the national debt of the Japanese government. Mina then reveals to the world the existence of vampires and her desire for both races to live together. Tensions, however, run high as fearful humans and extremist vampire factions begin to interfere with Mina's wish for peace with the human world. As much as i wanted to see a good anime about vampires and werewolves this really wasn't what i expected. Don't Get me wrong, The voice acting, animation, and quality of the overall series are top notch, Better than most actually. And this is one series i actually recommend english dubs, It was superb. When i first saw the Funimation trailer for this series, all i could think was Damn that's a pretty epic trailer this will be an anime i'l remember. But boy was i wrong...The plot is a bit simple, and if you can look past the pretty animation and music.. There's nothing here at all. The characters are plain, There personalities are forgettable and there's really nothing here that made me excited to see the next episode. In my honest opinions the only thing that held this anime together was its originality and quality. And perhaps the few romance/quirky moments this anime had to offer. Otherwise this anime is nothing but Talking, Filler and politics. I mean hey if that's your cup of tea go for it, but that warm fuzzy feeling inside you get when you watch a good anime... Well this one just didn't have that for me.Is this worth watching? Sure id have to say yes, it does have its few moments that kept it watchable and if you like vampires and werewolfs i'm sure you might look past its flaws. But as a whole this anime isn't something id most likely ever sit down and watch again.


The story line seems both the same as all other shows about vampires but then it has a little bit of its own story line. I have a small feeling it’s a mix between ‘Black Blood Brothers’ and ‘Moon Phase’ where it’s a cutesy Lolita girl but is creating a new area for Vampires. I’m not so sure how I feel about Werewolves being controlled by Vampires. To me, they should be on the same level like all the other story lines but I guess it fits the story line. Akira feels a lot like Kouhei from Moon Phase and I would probably say they were the same person if it wasn’t for the fact that he isn’t a real weakling. Another thing that makes it odd is that Akira’s friend talks a lot throughout the story as though she isn’t in the show much. The artwork is bright and crisp, though I feel it should have been a little darker. It’s rather high detailed in some places but then turns into action lines and crazy CG artwork in a couple parts. This is the really sad CG that doesn’t look right in the show. It’s also the fact that the parts they have CG could have been really easily created by drawing. The beginning is pretty interesting though the running around gets really old really fast. I’m also not found of the naked Lolita. It’s more fan service that isn’t needed. There is also way to many images of flowers when there not part of the show. The music is really not that special. I only like the beginning song but the rest isn’t really even loud enough to hear it. The English voices are not that great, but yet not that bad too, pretty much a rather average show.


Do you like vampires? Do you like werewolves? Do you like the Hellsing animation and manga? Do you like the Dracula legend? Do you like Twilight? Do you like Hellsing, the horrific movie featuring Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)? Do you like authors completely ignoring the fact vampires are dead creatures, and thus, cannot create life know, men. Needing blood. And not as food. To do that thing that happens when life--happens. (Being polite after all, and PG-13ish.)? Now: Do you like it when they throw all of that junk in one fantastic trunk? Then look no further and do not read this review past this line: Dance in the Vampire Bund is the anime for you! You will love it!***** Now if the rest of you are shaking your heads and leaning far, far away from your keyboards to give the above list of things a long, hard, sideways glare? Than you're probably like me and frowning very much. Very highly. Extremely disapproving of what I have said already and I haven't even gotten to the review of the animation yet. What can I say about Dance in the Vampire Bund that accurately describes my distaste for this anime? Take ten of your favorite drinks. Place them firmly in your mind. Now, take small bits of your favorite drink and combine it into one cup. That's right--all of your favorite drinks, a little bit of everything in one giant mug of frothy, questionable doom. There's a slim, teeny, tiny, minute 1% chance that, as you raise your glass filled with ten of your most favorite drinks that what you are about to drink will not, in fact kill you, but come out delicious! And then there's a huge 99% chance what you are about to drink will be so horrific your life will turn into a horribly cliched series you have subjected yourself to in the past: your hair will bleach white, your mind will snap, you'll kill your whole family, spend the rest of your time atoning for your sin and have this god-awful taste in your mouth forever. The whole time. For. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life. Dance in the Vampire Bund's horrible after taste is in my mouth, forever. I cannot ever get it out. Story In three episodes they have managed to cram all of my secret-fan-girl favorite things (Werewolves, vampires, the Dracula legend pretty much. Twilight and Helsing can go perish in a horrible pants fire.)  as well as what should have been a convoluted, interesting, well thought out twist on some old ideas so fast and so sloppily I am left headdesking. The proverbial gym bag of story telling is shoved so full of crap the first three twenty minute episodes its like a horrible B movie that you can make into a great drinking game and come out plastered by the end. (Take a shot every time someone says 'Vampire'. I dare you.) They have bungled a story that already has such a wonderful, rich setting for them to play with. How do you do that? I don't know. Wait! I do know! You make it into an anime and you call it Dance in the Vampire Bund. Also there are several factors dealing with the main character--which because I love you and don't want to spoil it any further for you, I will refrain from mentioning--that are just so unbelievably ridiculous I am football punted out of the zone of suspension of disbelief right into the bleachers of wtf! Did they just do what I thought they just did?! There are far too many uncomfortable moments, for me as well, featuring a girl that looks no more than 11, with a young man that is probably nearing 18-19. Seriously, the overtones creeped me the heck out. To return focus to the story line in general: It's too much, too quick, too fast. If I were a fourteen year old hyped up on twenty red bulls and seventy four pixie-sticks, I might be more excited about this. Or, you know, if I were a major creepy pedo-bear. Anyhooooooo-- Animation This I can say, I enjoyed. I liked the style of it. It's somewhat simplistic, but bold, the lines are crisp and clean--the backgrounds and settings are well painted/animated that I believe in them. Sound I don't dislike them, but neither the opening or closing or music chosen within the episodes are memorable enough for me to even ...remember anything about them to write a review on. I suppose that's a plus! Characters So much potential to have an interesting, original twist using some hackneyed, often over used setting. Did they use it? Newp. All of the characters end up being cookie-cutter, placed in cookie-cutter situations. Overall I wouldn't waste your time with this. Unless you like this sort of thing, I guess, and then--never mind.

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