Dance Dance Danseur

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Danseur noble--a ballet dancer qualified to dance the role of the prince. Second-year junior high school student Murao Junpei was fascinated by ballet as a boy, but gave up on dancing after his father's death, as he had to become a man. However, one day, a beautiful transfer student named Godai Miyako appears before him. Miyako takes notice in Junpei's love of ballet and invites him to dance with her. Along with Miyako's cousin Mori Ruou, he begins his career as a full-fledged ballet dancer, with the aim of becoming the world's best dancer--the Danseur noble! Only those who have sacrificed everything are permitted to stand in the beautiful and harsh world of classical ballet.

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If you're a sports anime enthusiast (like me), this is a treat! Slight spoilers in the character part btw First things first, the story. There aren't a lot of sports anime that don't involve a ball/equipment so this is definitely unique in that aspect. The story's great, nothing too rushed (or too overfocused), I'd say they did an amazing job for 11 eps. Besides that, the way they introduced ballet definitely changed my view on it. Animation style is different from what you'd expect, it gives a 90s anime feel to me. The dance animation was really well done, as expected of Mappa. Nothing feels too unhumanly or anything lol I love character development, and that's what this anime delivered. As you progress, you'll come to have different views and thought on the characters which is a good thing, kinda. Idk what to feel about the ending for the 3 main characters. Jumpei definetely had the most growth in this, though the ending makes me doubt if he'll really change his way of dancing but eh. Also, we didn't get to see him and Natsuki perform together, bit of a shame. Miyako, I kinda pity her but she's feels like a pushover. She didn't really get a say in the end who she wanted to be with. She just went with it. I Luou, dear, I have no idea how to feel about him. He's one of the reasons I started this anime but in the end, but I don't think he grew that much? Sure he got what he wanted but in a twisted way. Welp, the word dysfunctional has fun in it for a reason. I look forward to see how this plays out if s2 comes. Chizuru, respectfully, wtf. Why the heck would u not stop it when u knew it was happening. Also, woman lowkey dumped Jumpei in the end after everything he did for them. Honourable mention for Misaki and Yamato, they seem to have something going on in the end. I didn't like Misaki but hey, he had a good reason. All good tho since Yamato will be there for him (hopefully cuz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) I might pick up the manga for this though, I'm curious to see how the dancing would look on paper. For anyone's whose wondering, start at ch 52 after you're done or just reread the whole thing. Though I doubt that's needed since they did a great job with the story

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