DAKAICHI: I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year- Spain Arc - Custom lists

Alt title: Gekijouban Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete Imasu. Spain Hen

  • Altair: A Record of Battles
  • Ahiru no Ko
  • Afro Samurai
  • 91 Days
  • 07-Ghost

Male Protagonists (anime edition) by AnimeJunkee

A list of anime that feature only men as the main characters.

  • Bai Yao Pu 2nd Season
  • Bai Yao Pu
  • Antique Bakery
  • Antidote
  • 6 Lovers

Anime Featuring Adult Protagonists by AnnaSartin

These shows star characters who are adults. They hold down jobs, attend university, raise children or do other independent adult things.

  • Nuan Yang
  • Aoao Dai Bu
  • Daihao: Kuangxin
  • Sasaki and Miyano
  • Ten Count

Yaoi Lovers' Anime by AnnaSartin

For those who need more Boys Love in their lives. Yaoi, shounen-ai, and anime with BL undertones. Titles are in reverse-chronological order, with most recent titles first. If you want to view this list in alphabetical or...