Daicon III and IV

Other (2 eps x 5 min)
1981 - 1983
3.955 out of 5 from 956 votes
Rank #1,782

A little girl witnesses a plane land, and is given a glass of water which she must fight to protect. Against mecha, green lizards and even the spaceship Enterprise, the girl struggles to get the water to a daikon radish… which turns into a giant spaceship! After she is all grown up, the girl continues to battle stormtroopers and a variety of other science fiction characters, with the help of a light saber sword!

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I agree with Zeether review and score. These animations were produced for Nihon SF Taikai conventions. Daicon III -1981 Score 3.5/5 We will see Daicon as a girl, and she will battle against many things. Like she grabs a torpedo and send it back or use a lightsaber or launch rockets from her school bag. List of things to spot that I spot: 1) A red and white plane space ship 2) A green Mecha 3) A Tri-headed gold dragon 4) A flying tortoise 5) a violet creature with gigant pincers 6) An imperial star destroyer and a tie bomber. 7) A futurist long range cannon 8) Yamato Battleship. 9) Star trek ship Enterprise. 10) A Mazinger Z type robot or some sort 11) A submarine 12) a ship that looks familiar but I cant tell. Music: triumphal music with trumpets and violins. Animation: good but Daicon IV is far much better. Daicon IV - 1983 score 5/5 The little girl Daicon grow ups and becomes an adult, with a playboy bunny costume, and with that more battles. List of things to spot that I spot: 1) Tri-headed gold dragon again 2) Darth Vader duel and Deathstar 3) Alien from alien saga I think 4) A robot I cant get but has unique legs 5) Varitech and Macross Fortress 6) Zentraedi green ship 7)  Yamato again. 8) Thunderbird 3 red 9) Thunderbird 5 space station. 10) 2 Tie fighters. 11) Milenium Falcon. Characters to spot that I spot: Capitan America, Batman, Robin, Superman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, 3 power rangers. Millia the zentraedi character, Doraemon, Urusei Yatsura. Breetai in chibi form the mask and the zentraedi badge points that. Note: here are a more  notes of  references, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daicon_III_and_IV_Opening_Animations#References Thunderbird 5 and chibi Breetai are not in the list, point for me. Many things are really hard to spot, you have to pause a lot. Music: synthpop with male singer, good use of piano solo, chorus, this is a great track that enhance the animation a lot. Animation: perfect considering this was made by amateurs, and is incredible the improve in comparison with Daicon III. The ligthsaber movment, Daicon throwing a robot, Daicon flying in the sky in a sword, is great. Critic Daicon III is good, Daicon IV is perfect, I saw Daicon IV many times, it has a lot of rewatch value. Fair and square 4/5

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