Daddy Long Legs

Alt title: Watashi no Ashinaga Ojisan

TV (40 eps)
3.57 out of 5 from 652 votes
Rank #4,790

At John Grier Orphanage, one lucky girl will be sponsored to attend Lincoln Memorial Girls' School in New Jersey - and that lucky person is Judy Abbott, a happy-go-lucky teen with high spirits and a kind heart. Judy's benefactor, whose shadow causes her to coin him as "Daddy Long Legs," has only one condition: she must write to him once a month and chronicle her new adventures. At her new home, Judy will learn about life and friendships with the help of such classmates as the rich Julia Pendleton and good friend Sally McBride.

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I thouroughly enjoyed this anime to my hearts content. I have not read the original book but because of this anime, It will be next on my reading list. The animation is wonderful--with of course a few hiccups here and there. Somtimes for example, when someone was writing, the words just magically appeared on paper. I excuse this however because it was indeed the early 90s and animation was still being explored more. I did however, feel that the expressions and little details to body movement went a long way for this anime. Small things like gestures to show discomfort and slightly contorted facial expressions was absolutely wonderful for me to see. The sound was clear and fantastic as well as the voice actors and actresses. The voice actors/actresses created believable emotions in their characters which got me more invested the longer I watched. The music was great and it matched the scenes quite well. Ive also found myself humming the opening song throughout the day subconciously. What I loved the most from this series was the characters. Although I felt that they had generic personalities in the beginning, the anime delved into their personalities and created so much depth. The personalities and slight alterations over time was done nicely. The characters would change and grow and you would see this in small slight differences in their behavior. Although I love this anime oh so much I DO believe they couldve done so much more. In one particular scene in the anime the climb to the climax began with 2 characters in disagreement. One was jealous and the other was irritated from the other characters jealousy. Instead of having a fight and resolve, the characters somehow moved from the jealous one being jealous to being in denial of anything that had happend as well as the angry one becoming normal like the argument never ocurred. This however is not why I gave the anime a 10 instead of a 9. I believe the story was spectacular but this particular scene was not the core of the story so I believe I can forget about it. This was just one of the small mistakes I found in this anime. The anime wrapped up nicely in the end and I didnt feel like it rushed all whatsoever. It ended after 40 episodes and (that I know of) no plot holes exist. Im content with the ending and I wouldnt wish for more or less. I love the ending and I believe it was perfect for this story. If you are put off by the art style-- dont be. The characters make up any negative assumptions with their own personalities. Their abundance of energy and character depth makes this anime an enjoyable one even if the art style is not appealing to all. Even though at some points the story was predictable, I still believe it is a perfect recommendation for anyone who loves old anime art styles, time period shows, and even just plain romance. Now then Im off to find another anime because this one left me hungry for more!

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