Daa! Daa! Daa!

Alt title: UFO Baby

TV (78 eps)
2000 - 2002
Spring 2000
3.648 out of 5 from 1,463 votes
Rank #2,640

Miyu's parents have big dreams: her mother wants to explore the universe and meet aliens, and her father wants to develop a new space shuttle. In order to accomplish their goals they decide to work at NASA; but due to their inevitably busy schedules, Miyu is sent to live with a friend of the family. On the day she arrives at her new home, her caretaker leaves on a religious pilgrimage, leaving her alone with his son Kanata. To top it off, an alien baby crashes into the house that night! The ship is too damaged to fly so the baby and his pet/baby sitter decide to live with Miyu and Kanata until help arrives, whenever that may be. How can two unrelated middle school kids learn to live together while raising a baby that insists on calling them mom and dad?

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