Cyborg 009 vs Devilman

OVA (3 eps)
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Cyborg 009 vs Devilman

After the battle with the Mythos Cyborgs, Ivan warns the others of a Devil. Devilman too senses his enemy. The ultimate encounter is about to unfold.

Source: Netflix

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This is an underrated three-part anime OVA that serves as a crossover between Cyborg 009 from Shotaro Ishinomori and Devilman from Go Nagai, who worked as an assistant to Shotaro Ishinomori, drawing backgrounds for the Cyborg 009 manga. This show is especially good with animation & character designs. Regarding the story, it is quite general, basically an extra mission that involves all characters from both series above, causing them to meet and get into a confrontation. The character development within the story is good as well. Overall, this is a good short show to watch if you like any of the 2 related shows or just appreciate good animation, bare in mind that this is a show with violence & gore. Given the episodic nature of both series, this event could have happened at any time in between both series, although the beginning of the Crossover OVA makes allusions to specific episodes: In the case of Devilman, it alludes to one of the first events in the second OVA Devilman: The Demon Bird (*see below), but it's actually a closer adaptation of the manga, the 2nd OVA has an alternative version of the event. And in the case of Cyborg 009, I'm just not that familiar with the series to know which episode it alludes, but given the character Apollo, it is safe to assume the reference is for the 2001 iteration of the show Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. The Crossover OVA story is standalone, so it's not really necessary that you watch it in chronological order, nor that you know the events that happen before. As long as you know who is who and what they are trying to accomplish in their own worlds, then you will be able to enjoy this OVA. The crossover OVA dub is quite good. If you are not familiar with Cyborg 009 & Devilman, then I strongly recommend you watch the following prior to this OVA in order to enjoy it better (as the crossover expect you to know the characters and their backstories): For Cyborg 009: Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier, although there are multiple iterations of this show, this 2001 version is likely the one tied to this Crossover OVA (due to the appearance of the character Apollo) and the best adaptation so far. You only need to watch episodes 1-4, which are great by the way and enough to serve as an introduction to all characters, their powers, and their world. They maintain the style of the 1960s, with excellent editing and the use of orchestral background music, reminiscent of the 1960s shows. Unfortunately, after episode 4, the show just goes into "Monster of the Week" format and the quality drops considerably for both animation and storytelling. The dub is ok. I should mention that the 2016 Cyborg 009: Call of Justice version is a sequel to the 2001 version, so it won't serve as a good introduction to the Cyborg 009 world, nor it's a good show in my opinion. For Devilman: This OVA may be making allusions to the original Devilman show of 1972, but unless you are into old kids shows for nostalgia, then I rather recommend you skip this version. All other Devilman adaptations are not meant for kids, and they are an excellent show if you don't mind dark stories with lots of gore. You can either watch: 1. OVA-Movies: Devilman: The Birth + Devilman: The Demon Bird*. This is part of a trilogy, the events of the Crossover allude to one of the first events in the second OVA, and they are actually a closer adaptation of the manga, the 2nd OVA has an alternative version of the event to help give continuity to the OVA story. These movies were made years apart, so they are not exact sequels. They have the look of the 80s and are quite good (i especially like the Demon's character designs) so I do recommend you watch all 3 Movies. Beware that these Movie-OVAs are also quite dark, violent & gory. The dub is ok. 2. Devilman: Crybaby, this is a modern adaptation of the show with an original animation style. It is also quite violent, depraved and gory. The dub is awesome. The story is basically the same as in the OVA-Movies, but the events happen quickly, in just a few episodes. In fact, the events of the crossover happen after episode 4-5 (and this is the content of the 1st & 2nd previous Movie-OVAs), but you don't need to stop to watch the crossover, as its standalone. The dub is excellent!

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