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By day, she’s a male teacher named Adrian Seidelman; but by night, she’s Cybersix, a butt-kicking beauty who battles the evil minions of Jose and Von Reichter. Joined by a panther who shares the brain of her younger brother, Cybersix helps keep the city of Meridiana safe while trying to keep her identity hidden from Lucas, a co-worker and love interest. Can she and her friends help keep the people safe from harm?

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SirFuzzi Jan 11, 2013
Score 7.5/10

Cybersix is, to the best of my understanding, the cartoon adaptation of a Spanish comic. Featuring the heroine Cyber 6 in what can best be described as a cross of Sailor Moon and Batman, she adopts the label of 'Adrian Seidelman' by day, a simple literature teacher, while she dons an awesome leather outfit, the baddest cape there ever was, and a wicked hat by night to become the world's greatest female... read more

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SabbiChan Apr 1, 2011
Score 8/10

Hell0 (:

i would strongly recomend this "anime" for all new-to-anime/ magic girl watchers. I first saw this show when it came out in 1999. Then watched it once more when it was re-aird years later. It was my obsession for awhile, untill it was cancelled, and is no longer showed where i live. after awhile i forgot about it, but remembered some parts.

The animation is older so it... read more



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