Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

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A street kid tries to survive in a technology and body modification-obsessed city of the future. Having everything to lose, he chooses to stay alive by becoming an edgerunner — a mercenary outlaw also known as a cyberpunk.

Source: Netflix

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I came into this show as someone who found some enjoyment in Cyberpunk 2077 but not enough to really become a fan (I was uber hyped before it released like many). I am a huge Studio Trigger fan though.  Story: I found the story to be very fun and engaging all the way up until the last few episodes where it lost me a bit before finishing off really nicely. I found the world more fleshed out and believable than what the game has done for the world of Cyberpunk. I also found the story in the anime more interesting than what we got in the game as well.  Animation: It's studio Trigger... it's obviously amazing, fresh, and vibrant the entire time. There was some CGI vehichles mixed in but they almost fully blended in with the show and wasn't an eyesore Sound: I loved the soundtrack, wasn't expecting an English soundtrack and it fit really well with the show and the cyberpunk universe. Characters: Many enjoyable characters, found some were better/more enjoyable than ones in the game. None that I hated but there was a few character designs that I thought looked goofy but it was mostly 1-2 second lasting enemies or enemies we don't meet for long. The main cast were very well done, and glad they showed off a lot of the fashion in the game. Overall:  While I am certain that this will never get close to the money earned as the game has, I'd wouldn't be surprised if the anime outlives the game in popularity. The show is engaging and fun, with very few to no problems with the animation, sound, or plot. Studio Trigger raising the bar once again and can't wait to see there next project! 


Netflix's Edgerunners is a Straight Shot of Adrenaline."Bout Time I Chrome The F Up."Holy Nova! Edgerunners succeeds in areas where the video game quite couldn't, but it's still able to implement a lot of things from the game which I'm glad, from the music to the little details like hearing that iconic line "Goood Morning Night City" said atleast once to other obvious nods to the game like receiving a simple call and hearing that ring/alert. I've been recently playing a lot of the game myself for the last four months, pouring countless of hours into it and I must say I felt right at home when I binged Edgerunners but not to worry, you won't need to know anything from the game to follow the show's story but as always, it does help with understanding what type of place Night City is. Edgerunners delivers high octane action scenes with a surprisingly strong dramatic story as we follow the life of a troubled young teen boy who struggles to live a normal life with his mum, but after tragedy strikes he is forced to grow up fast and quickly witnesses first hand the harsh reality of surviving and living life in Night City.The characters in Edgerunners are very bombastic on the surface but get very likeable and interesting as the show progresses forward. The show is led by our main character David Martinez, a smart but troublesome teen that cares dearly for those close to him but after a devestating tragedy, he is forced to learn on how to survive the streets of Night City. As he struggles to adapt, his life later takes another drastic turn as he meets a mysterious, white haired girl by the name of Lucy. Throughout David's journey, he's accompanied by some great characters that compliment him well from his explosive, fun crew to the more condemning and tricky protagonists of the show. The characters are fantastic and are definitely a highlight for the show.Studio TRIGGER (Kill la Kill) does their thing here and nail it by not holding back with the nudity, blood and gore, showing off their unique style. The animation and its wild colors, adrenaline-fuelled action scenes and trippy effects make Edgerunners such a fun watch from start to finish. The music is brilliant, taking most of its tracks from the game as well as the solid opener; This FFFire by Franz Ferdinand, same goes for the sound effects which were perfectly done. The voice acting was solid with a noticible performance from the one and only Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Far Cry 6), so I highly recommend watching this in English this time around but to each their own. Overall Edge is a excellent kickass show that exceeds my expectations with its visual spectacle and engaging story and characters, it's also not afraid to show you some nudity and violence. Here's hoping more people would also find interest in the world of Cyberpunk and maybe even give the game a try or another chance, since it's in a much healthier state right now. + Gorgeous Animation and Sound+ Engaging Story and Characters+ High Octane Action and BLOOD AND VIOLENCE!hope this helps...🤙

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