Cyber Formula SAGA

Alt titles: Future GPX Cyber Formula SAGA, New Century GPX Cyber Formula SAGA, Shin Seiki GPX Cyber Formula SAGA

OVA (8 eps)
3.582 out of 5 from 181 votes
Rank #3,404

After his defeat in the 14th Cyber Formula Grand Prix, hotshot racer Hayato Kazami decided to change machines and give up his Asurada. Now, during the 15th Grand Prix, more chaos has ensued: Aoi Zip Formula has a new president, and a new racer has been introduced: Phil Fritz! Not only is he good at what he does, but he has a never-before-seen machine that appears to be unstoppable. As Hayato progresses through the races, he decides to use the new Asurada. Can Hayato and his Asurada challenge their limit once again by beating this so-called 'unbeatable' opponent?

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