Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss!

Alt title: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss!

TV (12 eps)
2.993 out of 5 from 230 votes
Rank #5,559
Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss!

Several years have passed since Binan High's Earth Defense Club saved the world from an alien invasion that sought to sap the world of love—okay, maybe that's how it happened. The truth is that no one really remembers if something like that happened or not, and now five friends-of-convenience share the defunct Earth Defense clubroom to goof off after school. But even if they don't know the club's history, their gathering at the local bathhouse attracts the attention of another adorable extraterrestrial: Karurusu, the otter-prince of Honyaraland. As part of his planet's conquest initiative—"tributary outreach program"—Karurusu transforms these five misfits into magic knights who will bring happiness to all lost souls. Unfortunately, the fox-prince Rafunui has his own ideas about how to improve this Earth colony, empowering his own trio of dark knights to oppose this new batch of magical boys.

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The Suddenness of HAPPY! KISS image

Episode 1

The Suddenness of HAPPY! KISS

HAPPY Recipe image

Episode 2

HAPPY Recipe

HAPPY Ice Cream image

Episode 3

HAPPY Ice Cream

It's A Wonderful HAPPY image

Episode 4

It's A Wonderful HAPPY

HAPPY and Beautiful image

Episode 5

HAPPY and Beautiful

HAPPY Identity image

Episode 6

HAPPY Identity

Let's happy kiss our way to HAPPY Flutter Kicks image

Episode 7

Let's happy kiss our way to HAPPY Flutter Kicks

HAPPY Endless Summer image

Episode 8

HAPPY Endless Summer

HAPPY Dice image

Episode 9


HAPPY Old Men image

Episode 10


One Centimeter to HAPPY image

Episode 11

One Centimeter to HAPPY

Always HAPPY in the Heart! image

Episode 12

Always HAPPY in the Heart!

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