Crystal Blaze

Alt title: Glass Maiden

TV (12 eps)
2.514 out of 5 from 1,287 votes
Rank #7,270

In Diver City, there are reports of young women disappearing; furthermore, certain women have been found dead - their bodies turned to glass. When S&A Detective Agency is tasked to secure and deliver a 'package', they instead discover a mysterious woman known as HW-9 - but she's no normal woman. HW-9 is able to maintain a temperature above fifty degrees Celsius, and delivers an electrical shock to any man who tries to touch her. S&A's contract rapidly changes from "secure and deliver" to "protect and investigate". Can they find out who 'HW-9' is, as well as the secret behind the disappearances and the glass women?

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shreeveera Dec 17, 2010
Score 7.7/10

Rags Town is the garbage dump of Japan. The place where people who want to forget their pasts run to. In this town, where the rules strictly forbid asking about the past or getting to know people, there is small detective agency called S&A Detectives.
The story revolves around Ayamana, the inseparable pair of misfit wannabe detectives, the case Manami takes on impulse, and... read more



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