Crossing Time

Alt title: Fumikiri Jikan

TV (12 eps x 4 min)
2.736 out of 5 from 926 votes
Rank #6,714

“Clank, clank, clank, clank...” Today, the railroad crossing bar goes down again, stopping someone on their way somewhere. The various stories of youth, eros, art, first love, etc that occur during the time spent waiting at a railroad crossing... All railroad crossings, all the time. Bringing you a variety of short stories about railroad crossings!

Source: Crunchyroll

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Their Youth image

Episode 1

Their Youth

Majima Eriko Is Sexy image

Episode 2

Majima Eriko Is Sexy

Together With Sensei image

Episode 3

Together With Sensei

SNS Siblings image

Episode 4

SNS Siblings

Goth Ordeals image

Episode 5

Goth Ordeals

Mr. Hassaku and I image

Episode 6

Mr. Hassaku and I

Railroad Crossing Poet image

Episode 7

Railroad Crossing Poet

SNS Siblings 2 image

Episode 8

SNS Siblings 2

Heart of the City Train Part 1 image

Episode 9

Heart of the City Train Part 1

Heart of the City Train Part 2 image

Episode 10

Heart of the City Train Part 2

Majima Eriko Is Sexy Part 2 image

Episode 11

Majima Eriko Is Sexy Part 2

Their Youth Part 2 image

Episode 12

Their Youth Part 2

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